This is the only picture of the little guy that we took today...kind if sad, but it was a busy day. We are celebrating tomorrow, so those pictures will come soon. Today Taylor and I both had to work all day, so Henry spent his first birthday with his friends Tyler and Mackenzie. As I sat down to blog, I realized that I hadn't taken even one picture of him today, so I snuck in his room and snapped one. He is 1 year and 30 minutes old in this picture. I can't believe it has been a year since he joined us. Time flies. He has taken a few steps this week- with his first being while we waited in line at the DMV. I think it'll be a while before he really starts walking. He is content to push things around the house.

Anyway...now onto something hilarious that our landlady does. Firstly, we have an absolutely wonderful landlady. She lives below us and she brings us many hours of laughter and enjoyment. She also loves to garden, and our yard is full of colorful flowers. This picture below isn't actually our yard, but we had these very flowers in our yard a few weeks ago. Unfortunately these purple ball flowers only stay in bloom for a few weeks and last week all the petals fell off, so our landlady decided to do something about it.

Here are the new flowers (this is an actual photo from our backyard). Look closely-you may need to enlarge the picture. Can you see her handiwork? She spray painted them blue. We love our landlady. And no matter the season, we will always have colorful flowers in our backyard.

And lastly, here are two videos of the little guy. This first one is one of my favorites. The kid is horrified of the vacuum. It is really funny.

And here he is running around the house:


The Hinmans said...

Those flowers are ingenious, they don't look half bad! Poor guy, that vacuum is scarey, and he crawls so fast!

Mike, Kalie and Jason Borynski said...

Happy Birthday Henry! Flowers are so funny!

AaReAn said...

i cannot believe he is one!!! That is insane!! He is the cutest thing ever!! I was dying at the vacuum video! You should send that to funniest home videos or something!

Kent and Leisy said...

I agree with megan- the flowers don't look half bad! the stems and leaves on the other hand look a little wt. happy happy bday hanky.

Rachael said...

I love alium!! We have those in our front yard and I've just been feeling sad that they are turning green. It never crossed my mind to paint them, though! Hilarious!

I can't believe Henry's a year!! What a darling little guy. Happy birthday to him!