It's official....we are New Yorkers.

We got our new license plates this week. When the lady handed them to me she gave me this apologetic look, and when I looked at them I realized why. I told her that I was really quite happy about it, and she gave me a strange smile, and I went on my way. I hope she doesn't think I am a satanist. We also got new driver licenses, and Taylor nearly failed the vision test. When the cranky lady told him to read line 7 on the eye chart he started and she yelled, "no!! I said line 7!" (Little did she know that he was reading line 7, he was just getting them wrong). Anyway, so lucky for him, he got one more chance, and he barely passed. I was having giggle fits of course. We really need to get Taylor into the eye doctor. He has been telling me for a while that he can't see things, and I just never believed him.
In more life news, baby Henry gets cuter and cuter everyday. Don't you just want to squeeze him? Don't worry I squeeze him everyday...a lot. I think that may be why he prefers his father over me.

And lastly, we spent Saturday with our friends Mackenzie and Tyler at the Allentown Art Festival- its a festival with people selling handmade crafts and kitschy things. I forgot to take a picture of our friends booth, it was super cool, so I may have to post later, but I did take a picture of the #1 most awful item for sale at the festival. Bra Purses: (And yes that man selling them is dressed up in medieval garb.


Rachel said...

BRA purses??!! TACKY!

Kent and Leisy said...

i MUST have a bra purse.
do you think hanky is going to start walking while we're there?!

J S said...

That is awful!! Icky yucky bra purses!!!

Jeff and Whitney said...

Oh my goodness. I am so glad you took a picture of that. haha how yucky. I must admit, I was kinda sad when I turned in my California plates for Utah ones. I am glad yours was a happier experience.

the Kprows! said...

Yikes!! I've always wondered if they really give out license plates with triple 6's. I guess that answers my question! I want a bra purse too! Maybe I can make one out of my smaller ones that don't fit anymore, but they are so little I'll only be able to fit my keys in it!