The bugaboo had to get his blood drawn today. You can see his little bandage in the picture below. I didn't go with him, I wanted no part of it. He had to get it drawn for the mandatory 1yr lead test. We thought it was a good idea since we find him chewing on paint chips on a regular basis and out house was built long before anyone cared if there was lead in paint. We get the results in a few weeks. Taylor said it was sad. They took two whole vials! Poor little guy.
This baby is obsessed with pillows. When we throw him on our bed, he rolls around squealing and giggling. Who needs toys when you've got pillows?

One last bit of important information...or rather a warning for all you blog readers who may at some point come in contact with this chunky child...he has the most awful breath imaginable! Is this normal for a small child? Sometimes Taylor and I think he has a poopy diaper only to realize it is his breath. We brush his teeth often, and he doesn't eat cloves of garlic anymore...any suggestions? We think he may be losing friends.


Annie O said...

Those pillow pictures are so cute. He doesn't look any worse for wear after the blood drawing ordeal.

Amy, Bagel and kids were here last night and it was great fun to see them. Katie and Taylor are great kids. Ya-Ya, if you're reading this, it's my turn!

Nannie Annie

Will and Heidi said...

Maybe it's acid reflux causing the bad breath or other stomach issues? Does he have anything like that? For sure keep brushing his teeth and tongue if he'll let you. Decay would cause bad breath, too. Hmm.. interesting.

yaya said...

Annie O, I'm jealous! Glad they made it safe and sound and I know they will have fun with family. Now Laney, Little Hank is adorable but maybe you need to ask your Doc/brother-in-law about baby bad breath. I'm sure he could find some answers! Happy 4th to you all!

Steve and Hailey said...

Sometimes Griff has a little Hank and even a little twinner in him! It's pretty cool how many different people I can see in him.

abbyjane said...

that's actually the real reason we moved. Henry's stinky breath.