I'm home.

I made it. I got home last night, a little bit earlier than expected so Taylor could work today, I was supposed to come home this morning, but came home a day early. Anyway- camp was enormous amounts of fun. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I had lots of kitchen duty and I am now an expert on cooking meals for very large groups of people. I got to wear a hairnet and all. I made loads of new friends, and did some crazy things. I didn't shower the whole time I was there (however I did swim in the lake a few times which cleaned me off a bit), I forgot my brush and therefore only brushed my hair twice in four days with strangers' hairbrushes, I saw lots and lots of fireflies, I giggled a lot, and told lots of stories, I ate too much, got a kagillion bug bites, stayed up too late, talked about boys, and had an entirely good time. I think some adults forget what it is like to be a teenager (including some of the adults/leaders that were at camp :)) but I don't think I will ever forget, mostly because I still feel like one. Anyway, here are some pictures of the girls from my cabin and the girls from my ward.

I missed Taylor tremendously, and Henry too. However I don't think Henry missed me one bit, and when we got home, he went straight to Taylor. Taylor came to get me at camp thanks to our dear friend Alaska who watched Henry for many hours, and Taylor was able to stay for the special guests dinner for the last night at camp. And then after dinner we had an uninterrupted 2 hour drive home with just each other...it was wonderful. Its the best date we've had in months. When we got home, Taylor had a surprise for me, he painted our bedroom and rearranged it. I am in love. We hated the clay-pot/baked pumpkin color. Here are some before and after pictures.


Rachel said...

I have to admit that I quite like the orange...but the new color is cool too!

Oh, I missed you Laney! You are too funny! Henry on the wobbly bridge KILLED me.

And, I must say, you are the IDEAL young women's leader. You are NUTS, and they love you for it.

Can't wait to see you!

sam and brittney said...

Email me your address at brittneystrebel@gmail.com. Thanks! Miss you!

Kent and Leisy said...

where was girl's camp for you guys? and did taylor totally rearrange the room as well? the picture confuses me. I like the new yellow. much brighter and mellower.

Kent and Leisy said...

and by brighter I mean lighter- the room seems brighter.

Steve and Hailey said...

What a talented pair you two are. Man, I miss you guys. The room looks lovely. I want to come visit and see your awesome house.

Way to go with girl's camp! I loved girl's camp.