more family pictures

I wish I could get myself to post more often, I keep recommitting myself to do it, but I never seem to get the thirty minutes to sit down and type. I have been working a lot lately, Taylor always seems to be gone, and Henry is a handful. Anyway, back to work...I love it. Who knew I could enjoy the Gap this much? Being a manager makes work so much more enjoyable. It goes by faster, I have more responsibility, and I get to actually make decisions. I really feel blessed that it has worked out so well and that they are so flexible with my schedule. I am mostly grateful for a husband who supports me in it as well. (He kind of has to since it pays the rent, but he does it so happily) He cooks, cleans, and takes care of Henry on top of his classes and studying when I am at work, And he doesn't complain one bit- even when I have to drop Henry off on campus when our schedules are tight and they have to make the hour treck home on the bus and subway together. I am a lucky girl.

When we were in Utah we took many family pictures, these are a few that we took with Taylor's family. I think of all the pictures we took in Utah with all the different photographers, we may actually find some that are worth printing and hanging on the wall.
I thought I would include one of Taylors entire immediate family. I think it turned out really well for how many young children the photographer had to deal with. If you look really close you can see us on the top left.

And one of Henry. We aren't normally fans of the baby and parents' hands, but Henry turned out quite cute in this one. I just kind of wish our hands weren't in the picture, I think its kind of cheesy.

Don't be fooled by this incredibly cute picture of Henry, he has hit that stage where he is throwing absurd fits whenever and wherever he wants something. His shrieking may just be the end of me. I think the fits would be more manageable without the loud shreaks. Even in public, I am not embarassed by his behavior (he is 15 months old and this is hardly learned behavior) I am just terribly annoyed with the the noise! We are slowly working on a discipline plan to teach Henry that is is completely unacceptable. Hopefully he gets it someday, until then, I may need earplugs. We try and do outside things to help dissipate the noise he makes. Today we went to the Zoo. Henry loves the Zoo. We met friends from church there today and we took a picture of all the kids. Henry is in the blue stroller.

The other day I couldn't find Henry, I heard rustling in the back of my closet where I keep boxes/bags/etc. This is what I found. He was so happy back there I let him play for quite some time. The mess is totally worth the time it gives me to do other things.


Mike and Carly said...

Shrieking makes me crazy. I have worked really hard with Avery to either ask for help or to take deep breaths and to take it easy. But when neither of those apply, candy does wonders. I told myself I would never, but the screaching gets the best of me. Terrible mom.

JT and Lizzie Davis said...

Cute family pictures! In the one of Taylor's family the lighting is so great. It's amazing that every kid is looking at the camera! Henry sure is a cutie!

Kent and Leisy said...

I also like the pics. I think that henry looks like zeb in the last pic with all of the boxes. the shrieking stops in about a year. all kids shriek- although henry always has been a little shrieker than most even from the beginning.

Amy and Craig said...

the mess is often worth them being happily entertained for long amounts of time. I hear you on the shrieking (no pun intended). Katie had the more ear splitting scream. I would flick her on the nose every time she did it. It eventually petered off, but still when she gets all riled up she'll scream. I'm with you about not getting embarrassed. What's the point? I don't know any of the people around me most of the time, just me and my kid! But I can't handle all the noise!

Annie O said...

So glad to see a blog! I was checking daily. The pix are gorgeous--all of them. I personally like the one with the parents' hands. I would like one of those and the three of you together for Christmas--along with a pitcher or watering can from some really cool Buffalo estate sale.

Love ya. XXOO

Jason & Shannon said...

The pictures are great! I love that he is playing in the boxes amongst your shoes, super cute!

AaReAn said...

Laney! These pics turned out so adorable!!! You are too cute of a family! I wanna eat henry whole! That is how cute I think he is!

Annie O said...

Hey Laney. I found Henry's necktie in the living room sofa. I'll send it with your sweater. I also found a man's red tie--brand new. Is that Taylor's?

MommaMcCarthy said...

I love the untucked shirt in the Henry shot

yeah, what is WITH that? jack has totally figured out the cry until he gets what he wants. what is your discipline method? i feel like he still can't understand what i'm saying so i feel bad doing too much.

and AMEN to they make mess=free time for me