My camera cord is back, and we are back in Buffalo. Our trip to Utah was great, all except for the part where we had to sit with Henry on an airplane. Can I just say that he was awful?! We tried to drug him and it didn't really work. Anyway, I will blog about the trip home tomorrow, because I have to get all these other pictures on first. Here are our adventures at the County Fair...

And here we are at the mall fashion show. Henry was a hit.
He loved the cows at the county fair, until we tried to get him to stand next to one. I don't know why, but it is so much fun to tease and torment him.

Here he is at a comfortable distance.

And lastly, here is the little guy at a splah park we have here in Buffalo. These parks are amazing, because Henry can play in the water to his little heart's content and I don't have to worry about him drowning or getting away from me.


Erin said...

I"m sorry we missed you while you were out in Utah. Maybe next time!

Hank is so cute. He looks like a male model on that runway.

Kent and Leisy said...

it's always tremendous fun to hold your kid kicking and screaming next to ginormous potentially deadly animals.