The worst part about being sick...

I think the very worst part about being sick in your sinuses is your inability to taste. Its awful, plain awful. Taylor took me to dinner on Monday night for my half birthday- we went to Olive Garden (thanks for the giftcard ashley!). I could hardly taste a thing. We were going to go out to ice cream afterwards but I decided not to waste all those calories on something I couldn't enjoy.
However, all in all, it was a great night out and a nice break away from our little screecher. After dinner we went to TJmaxx the home goods version and wandered around looking for good deals, the only thing that could have been better would be a trip to Big Lots. I love big lots and all the great deals there. Henry also enjoyed the night with friends. He came home happy and tired, as pictured below. He has been sucking on his fingers lately- I think its because he is teething. Did I mention that he is currently in the middle of getting eight teeth? Poor kid.

So I really wish Henry was a snuggly baby. What drives me the most crazy is that he will snuggle with pillows and my old nasty teddy bear. Here he is snuggling with both. He actually mostly just attacks pillows- but I wouldn't mind if he attacked me on occasion. Its kind of cute, and it is kind of like snuggling.
video video


Van Ry Clan of Layton Ave said...

I'm glad I'm not the only on that likes to celebrate half birthdays

Bean There...Done That said...

You need to get yourself a "Netti Pot", Dr. Oz introduced me to this little sinus cleansing procedure several years ago on Oprah. I have used it faithfully since and am able to keep my chronic sinus infections under control. It's worth a try. Sinus infections are the worst! Next to migraines of course.

Annie O said...

I love the video clip of Henry P hugging Mr. Teddy. That is SO cute.

Hey, is the round hairbrush left here yours?