Baby Astronaut

Tonight was the church Halloween party, and aside from the fact that it started at Henry's bedtime, it was a lot of fun. Henry was the world's cutest astronaut. And Taylor and I had every intention of dressing up but we never got to making our costumes. Today was a busy day. I worked, and Taylor had school, and Henry was with a friend for the afternoon which = no costumes. I wasn't very sad.

This is Henry with his little friend Taylor who quite possibly had the cutest costume ever

Henry spent a good part of the evening trying to lift this giant pumpkin. But what is more intriguing than Henry trying to lift the pumpkin is the size of its stem! I promise it really was that big, it isn't just a strange angle. Must be some genetic mutation.

The highlight of the night was the live music: aka Taylor, some guy in the ward who likes to play his electric guitar, and the back-up singers Rachel & Tiffany. I must admit I was very hesitant about the whole idea, and slightly embarassed, but they redeemed themselves with their rendidtion of the monster mash. Everyone loved it, and they sounded pretty darn good. I wish I would have video taped some of it.

Here we are the Happy Halloween Hawes Family:

And probably the best part of the evening was having someone in the back seat with Henry to keep him company on the way there and home. He was in love with these two girls, Marcella and Clarissa. We need to hire some gnomes or elves or something to sit in the backseat and keep the monster baby happy.

And lastly the very best costume award at the Halloween party goes to Richard & Erica. It was one of the greatest comstumes I have seen in all my life. They were Peewee Herman and his genie in a box Jambi. When the box was closed it was covered in jewels. It was just like the show. And to top it off, Erica is 9 months pregnant and that genie face is on her belly.


Kent and Leisy said...

I would have been mortified by the whole music thing!! please get a video. Did Henry's costume come with a head thing too? I'm super sad that you two didn't dress up. very disappointing. Was that spot with the yellow butcher paper actually set up for pictures? such a good idea.

Nate and Jessica said...

What would the world do without cultural halls?

Lightning McQueens said...

hey hey! i need some pics for the family calendar. i think i can drag some off the blog but i wanted to get the ok first. i have some from my parents trip but neeeeeed some of laney w/o taylor. hands down, the cutest astronaut. AdOrABlE!!!!

Annie O said...

Henry P. Hawes, first astronaut on Mars---wow! sounds like this is his future. He is SO cute. Sounds like a fun Halloween and yes we got your skeleton. I gotta admit they are cool. The store we were in only had one left and you got it.