Dead elephants.

As most of our blog readers know from our last post, our neighbor Buki the Elephant died this week. Its sad, we may go to the Zoo today to express our condolences, however what I really want to know is...how exactly do you dispose of an elephant carcass? I have been watching the Zoo daily for a large dump truck leaving the parking lot...or some sort of truck, but even then, once you take the animal away, what do you do with it? I imagine they cremate it? Or maybe they preserve it to study it? But there is no way they have body coolers or cremation ovens big enough for an elephant. So do they chop it up? I know that sounds awful, but really, I am dying to know. If they chop it up, who has that job? Ugh. Don't worry, I will find out what happens to dead elephants, and once I know, I will share it with all of you.

Anyway, on to our life. Henry has been quite a little trouble maker lately, and he has taken a extreme love to my scarves. Isn't he cute? I think that too, until I walk into any room he has been in, and I find this:
Does anyone want to take him off my hands for a few days? I really do love him, and I really do believe that God made babies take long daily naps so their mothers wouldn't give them away to gypsies. Henry is taking one of those naps right now, and I love him for it. I have cleaned up the kitchen but unfortunately, his room is still in disarray.

Onto a more exciting note, we found one of these at a yardsale this week:

It was only used once, and we got a screamin deal! Henry loves it already. It also doubles as a jogging stroller. It's fantastic.


Kent and Leisy said...

I do have some insight into what happens with dog carcasses. I'm hoping they handle elephants differently.

I really really hope the Korean restaurant phone call to the pound asking for dead dogs was a prank call. Maybe you should avoid nearby Indian restaurants for a little bit.

Mike, Kalie, Jason, and Lexie Borynski said...

They donated Buki to some university in TN I believe... don't know how they get it there though.

Annie O said...

Besides Buki be really careful with scarves around Henry P's neck. Read the story in the recent Readers Digest about the girl and her scarf.

Love ya and will we see you later this month?

Rachael said...

The scarf is AWESOME on Henry. He looks great in pink. :)

And I'm pretty fascinated by those dead elephant ideas myself - please enlighten us! We looked at an elephant book at the library today and it showed an elephant carcass that was JUST the skin. Like a snake! Gross and totally amazing at the same time.

I also completely agree about naptime. It's kinda the same sort of divine plan that women are pregnant 9 months to get used to the idea of a baby and to be so sick of being pregnant than even childbirth sounds okay. Now I have preschool to add to my coping strategies - what would I do without it? I'm still fried by dinner time!!

Ni Hao Ma said...

you know...lions eat a lot

Steve and Hailey said...

Hooray! Steve and I got a trailer and we LOVE it! We honestly walk everywhere we can, which is really good because our old jalopy might not last much longer. I miss you guys!

Anthony and Kristie said...

I can't believe you got that bike trailer so cheap. I hope Henry loves it.

Andrea said...

I am a random commenter, just wanted to say that the Elephant recently died in our local zoo here in New Zealand, and they dug a massive hole and buried her. It was in a 'private' area of the zoo away from public.
It seems like people everywhere love Elephants!
Hope it's not weird for me to comment, just saw this post and thought the question was funny, cos I wondered the same thing.

Annie O said...

Hooray for the random reader in New Zealand! I have really truly been thinking a lot about this. I love elephants too (and no, that isn't just my political bent).

And it is time for a new post from you.

Erin said...

Yea for bike trailers! They are the best and make great jogging strollers too!

abbyjane said...

i bet the day the zoo was closed was the day they disposed of buki. just a thought.