Henry is obsessed with books. He is crazy about them, and it drives me crazy! All he ever wants is for us to read him stories all day long. I know I should be happy about this, but he wont really read them on his own, he wants to be on my lap while I read to him. Any ideas how to get this kid to watch just 30 minutes of Sesame Street? I know, I know... babies aren't supposed to watch TV, but I just need an extra 30 minutes a day- you know, to shower and blow dry my hair and simple things that cannot be done with a screaming banshee pulling open the shower curtain and soaking himself.

Isn't he adorable. He thinks my IPOD is a phone (and yes he chews on phones. He still eats everything he can get his little hands on). He puts my Ipod up to his ear and walks around the house saying, hi, hi, hi.

Since fall is here and we had a big bag of yummy western new york apples, I attempted a homemade apple pie- crust and all! I did it, and the crust was surprisingly easy. Taylor told me he was super impressed and that the crust was perfect. Speaking of fall, it decided to come back to Buffalo. It was 65 degrees yesterday, I even got a little sunburn on my run. It was wonderful.

And lastly, here is a little video of Henry. It's kind of boring, and It's mostly for my mom who wants to see more of the little rugrat, but at the end I also included a close up of Mr. Teddy's nasty ears for Leisy. I think Henry may get some sort of disease from him.


Mike, Kalie, Jason, and Lexie Borynski said...

Jason used to want us to read to him nonstop... enjoy it... now he is in a phase where we aren't allowed to read to him... he will only "read" to himself. So while I wanted him to be more independent with books... I miss him! Ps, I would love 30 min to shower and dry my hair too!

AaReAn said...

he really is the cutest thing!!! I can't believe how big he's getting. Oh and that pie...UM DELISH!! Also...how is it that Katie and Colby (whom you have never met) is on your favorite family list and josh and I are not?! Please...for the love of Pete.

Kent and Leisy said...

I think henry looks just like you in the ipod picture. And that mr. teddy is nast-o. He can't sleep here over thanksgiving. he's probably full of the swine flu.

Mike and Carly said...

I used to put Avery in her high chair and give her breakfast or some snack and put her in front of the tv while I showered... it usually worked like a charm.