Henry Shmenry

The best part of this new stroller we got is that even if Henry isn't buckled in, he can't get out! Unfortunately he doesn't always love being trapped. His friend Taylor on the other hand didn't seem to mind it until Henry panicked.

I bought the little monkey some sunglasses at the babyGap this week. They were 87 cents. He loves them, and now he leaves ours alone.
Henry loves Mr. Teddy as most of our avid blog readers know, and as of late, everytime we walk in his room during naptime, he has part of Mr. Teddy in his mouth. His favorite place to chew is the ears. The problem is, he chews on the bear, and gets him all wet, then drags him around the house, and now his ears are practically black. Then when bedtime comes again, he chews on the dirty ears. It's gross.

Henry got a package in the mail today...more footed pajamas!!! (handmade by Grandma Hawes) He also got a new story book. He loves them both.


Ashley Terry said...

It was so fun seeing you guys at Metta's reception. Who would have thought that I'd be having a baby later that night? :) Henry is adorable...John-Charles has an identical bear like Mr. Teddy. I'm hoping Penny doesn't drag him around and suck on his dirty ears someday but I'm not holding my breath. I think it's inevitable.

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh I just can't take it anymore!! He is TOO cute!!! I LOVED the first picture because his friend is like looking at him funny, and then the next picture was even better!!

Mike and Carly said...

He is such a cute kid!