I am back from my blogging hiatus. It was a long week. However I did accomplish quite a bit including submitting my revised thesis (I am so close to being done I can barely stand it!), I spent way too many hours at the Gap this week, and we got new tires on our car (we also have to fix the alignment this week) uggh. I hate car problems. Anyway, so we had an insane week, and I am not getting enough sleep (which is what happens when you teach seminary at 6am and you are up late writing a thesis and/or working) and as a result of no sleep I have TWO awful, horrible, no good, very bad canker sores. One of the canker sores is under my tongue on the part where your tongue connects to the bottom of your mouth. It makes me want to die.

Enough of the complaints...they make me sound unhappy, and we are actually quite happy here in the Hawes household. Being busy often means being happy for me.

Today was the most wonderful of days. Taylor and I had the whole overcast day to spend together. I love dreary gray days. I was not scheduled to work and Taylor got his studying done so we spent a Saturday together...all day. We were discussing it, and we can't remember the last Saturday we had to sleep in and relax. We decided to take a little road trip to Pumpkinville. It is an hour or so from Buffalo, and the drive was beautiful.

Henry slept most of the way home, and we were happy as can be. He has really taken a liking to sleeping with a piece of mr. teddy in his mouth. It really is gross. I am going to post a picture of the nasty, wet, black ears sometime soon. I sure love this kid.

On our way home we also decided to stop for lunch. We had yet to taste one of Buffalo's most famous restaurants, Big Teds. The locals all love it and highly recommend it, and we had never been. We both quite enjoyed it, and we'll probably go back sometime soon. Taylor got the hot dog, I stuck with a hamburger, and Henry ate our pickles.


Lindsay said...

Wow, sitting on that pumpkin really brings out the red in his hair!

Rachael said...

Henry is so funny! sucking on the bear, eating pickles. I love that kid!! :) What a fun day.

yaya said...

He's so cute! His hair is really getting long. With Ames and Craig moving closer, that calls for a twinner weekend sometime! Have a fun fall!