Henry tried to bite his tongue off.

It's Tuesday and I am finally getting around to posting our Halloween picture...life is a little busy around here. We got our picture taken with Mayor Byron Brown. He seems to pop up at all our neighborhood events, I think it is because we live in a very politically active and signifigant neighborhood. This was at our neighborhood Halloween Party. Mayor Brown loved Henry the astronaut.

After the Parkside Party we had dinner with friends and then headed over to a fire station in the neighborhood that hosts a haunted house. We took turns watching the kiddos and being chased by chainsaws. We had a wonderful Halloween and Henry loved the trick-or-treating.
On Sunday Henry had a little mishap. We had the missionaries over for dinner and we were paying very little attention to the little guy who fell and bit his tongue...which bled profusely. It was awful, and I was really glad Taylor was there because I couldn't bare to look at it. He bit almost all the way through his tongue. And here is a picture I took this morning, it isn't nearly as bad as it was on Sunday, but you get the idea. It was so sad. Luckily soon after the incident I had to go to work so Taylor got to deal with the bleeding for the rest of the night. But don't worry...he is fine now. I don't think it hurts anymore, and luckily tongue wounds heal like magic, or so the internet says.
And lastly, our favorite find of the weekend was this lovely sign we saw taped in a car window at the store. You know, bumper stickers and strange political messages attatched to a persons car, always say a lot about a person...they mostly scream, "I am weird and crazy!" But the rest of us sure get a kick out of it. If this person were to park his/her car in our neighborhood, they would surely get their tires slashed. We decided that they must live in the suburbs...or in rural WNY. Thats where all the Republicans live. While we don't always agree with all the political ideals of the city dwellers here in Buffalo, we love where we live, and chatting politics and religion with our neighbors is always very interesting and it has given us a new perspective.


AaReAn said...

where can i get one of those stickers?! haha kidding. Glad we finally got on your list...phew...i was getting a bit worried. hehe love your blog...you make me laugh.

creed and tiffany said...

My little sister did the same thing! It scared the crap out of me as a little girl. My mom took her to the hospital though because she literally almost bit her tongue off. If she would have had her side teeth it would have been gone. They stiched it up, gave her pain meds one time and told my mom to feed her yogurt, smoothies, baby food until it healed a little better. It was SO sad. She still has the scar.

Annie O said...

so has it slowed Henry's eating habits? I'm just relieved he didn't fall down that huge flight of stairs!

Annie O said...

P.S. Amen to the bumper sticker.
P.P.S. I love ya.
P.P.P.S. XXOO to Henry P

Kent and Leisy said...

poor little hanky. remember when I did that in college? it hurt SOOOOOOOO bad.

Rachel said...

Is Byron Brown short, or is Taylor TALL? :)


Steve and Hailey said...

Oh his sad little tongue! Poor guy. I would have been happy to be off to work too. Steve is way better than I am with that kind of trama.

Where did you get the astronaut costume? I love it! He looks so cute in it.

I miss you! Come back you guys!

Susan said...

Poor little guy! good thing mouth injuries heal fast. Love the Halloween pics.

Will and Heidi said...

I hope he's feeling better by now and he is healing. Ouch!