We had a wonderful thanksgiving, but unfortunately I didn't have my camera for much of the week, It is nearing the end of its life, and it rarely works like it is supposed to. All you blog readers are probably lucky it wasn't working well because otherwise you'd be getting pictures of our most adventurous thanksgiving event...Henry puking all over the floor at Dillards. We unfortunately got some nasty stomach virus and we all took our turn puking our guts out. Luckily it didn't hit till Friday, so we enjoyed thanksgiving dinner and fully digested it. We spent thanksgiving with our Ohio family- the Starkeys, and it was wonderful. We ate lots of food and shot guns. They told us it was a family tradition, so we gladly joined in. Turns out, I like to shoot guns. I even got to shoot an AK-47.
We also took a little trip to the imagination museum in Toledo. They had this circus exhibit, and my sister had raved about it, so we hooked ourselves up and flipped around. It was really funny. When Taylor got on, I think all the little kids thought he would go through the ceiling because he was so tall. I must say, he did get really close a few times. Henry thought the whole thing was a little strange. He seemed to be a little freaked out that we were flipping around in the air.


The little guy couldn't seem to get this piano working no matter what he did.


Annie O said...

Wow! You look like your sister. I had to enlarge this picture several times to make sure it was you.

Looks like tons of fun. We'll have to visit next time we're in Toledo.

When time do you and Henry P arrive on the 13th--please let it be during my church time, please, oh please.

Tyler said...

puking during a holiday break? i couldn't think of anything worse. but shooting guns is a great tradition to have!