One man's junk....

Last night all the women from church got together for a night called Treats & Trades (or something like that). The invitation said, bring all the stuff in your house you don't want and come share it with everyone else. The bottom of the invite said, "bring a laundry basket or large bag with you to take home all your new stuff." I decided to go because I love finding treasures, but I didn't take a laundry basket with me, because I never imagined the event would be as big as it was. Anyway, I went to the event with a few items to share, like Taylor's old Anne of Green Gables VHS tapes (don't worry we have them on DVD now) and a few other odds & ends. Taylor and I don't have a lot of junk, and we have a very large apartment so our house looks empty as it is. Anyway, I arrived and I couldn't believe my eyes! There was so much stuff!!! It made me wonder how people can have that much stuff. But I was in heaven! I have pictures below of some of my favorite treasures, but it is definitely not all. One of my favorite finds was a new Popsicle blue billabong hoodie that says I (heart) NY. I think Erica brought it, thank you Erica! I have been looking for a cozy hoodie to wear around the house and now I don't have to wear Taylor's anymore.

Anyway, on to the treasures:

I found this little contraption for Henry. Leisy says Zeb loves the one they have! Henry isn't quite sure what to do with it yet since it doesn't fit in his mouth very well. I am hoping it brings us countless hours of entertainment in the future. This kid is going to have second hand toys for the rest of his life. Best part is, he has no idea his toys are all second hand and he loves them all same.
I came upon these markers after they have been passed by a number of times by the other women at the party. I asked someone what was wrong with them and they said, "they aren't washable." Maybe I am a little too naive seeing as how my child doesn't yet color, but I myself love to color, and I have no problem having a set of markers for myself that I keep away from small little hands that color on walls. I couldn't be happier about all these new markers.

Another glorious find, the horse! It's one of those horses that is on a stick that kids ride around on. It's adorable. And it looks brand new! I am not going to let Henry touch it until he stops throwing up and he stops drooling.

And lastly, here is the greatest find of the night....Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder. This is my favorite bronzer ever made! For those of you who know me, you know I love a good bronzer. Luckily I was born with a slight orangish yet still very white tint to my skin so the world of fake bronze tan products actually matches my natural hue. I even love neutrogena sunless tanner. Anyway, needless to say, I love this product. Unfortunately, I have not been able to justify the $40 to pay for this high end brand, and I normally stick with the wal-mart Marykate and Ashley Olsen brand for $3.43. Anyway, my friend Briste purchased this not too long ago, only used it once or twice and decided she didn't like it, so Voila! I am now the very proud owner of Bronze Goddess.


No more headaches!!! Hooray.

I think I found the source of my headaches...and thank you for all your suggestions! I am most definitely not pregnant, and I am pretty sure I don't have a brain tumor, I have also dramatically cut back on my sugar intake, but that was on Jan. 1st so if anything, the headaches are from withdrawals, not too much sugar. Anyway, it was most definitely the bugaboo. The past few weeks I haven't been working very much since my Gap store has closed (don't worry I am transferring to another store) and I have been home a lot more during the day which means a lot more time with Hanky Panky. Anyway, last week I decided to take two whole days off from holding and picking up Henry. (Thank goodness I have a husband who supported me in this endeavor) Anyway, my head and neck aches disappeared! And they haven't returned either. I have also made a concerted effort to hold the little guy in my left arm this week. I feel much better! I think I may have to take breaks more often :)

He is saving a cheerio in his sleeve for later! We find food all over this kid. At night his neck is full of gross lint and sticky food. It's nasty. But we can't complain, he is an amazing eater! And he is great with his veggies. We have determined this week however, that he does not like red peppers. We blend all his food and freeze it in ice cube trays. They make for a pretty picture.

Today was a very snowy day. It snowed and snowed and snowed. The roads were horrible! I didn't want to drive so I convinced Taylor to take the train home and then walk the 1/2 mile from the station. And he did it! This is the picture I took of him just as he was getting home. He had to walk in the road because the sidewalks weren't shoveled. Don't feel too bad for him, I had hot chocolate and warm socks waiting for him, and I make him a delicious dinner every night!

Lastly, here is our little Henry in the bath. Oh how he loves the bath. And Oh how he loves his washcloths.


I have a headache!!!!

For a few weeks now I have been getting headaches. They started out in my shoulder and they have spread to my neck and head. I get them at night, and they hurt like crazy. I very rarely get headaches, so I am slightly bothered by them. I have been narrowing down the possible causes and I think it may be the very chubby baby I carry around all day. The shoulder/neck/headache is always on my right side. I really want my headaches to go away, and I can't really give my chubby baby away. I am at a loss as to what to do. Any suggestions? Thank heavens I still have a gargantuous bottle of 800mg Motrin I got when I had the little guy.

As for the second piece of information to be shared with you all today, Taylor and I applied for jobs with the census bureau. We had to go take some test yesterday. It was like being in 5th grade again and taking those state tests, the test proctor was as cranky as can be, and we were guarded very closely. It was unbelievably easy, They give you your score right after you take it. After the lady scored mine, (I got a 100%!!!) she told me I for sure had a job and then she scored Taylor's. She laughed and told us we were perfect for each other. Taylor also aced the test. Anyway, we should hear from them soon. The actual field work doesn't start until May so we may not work until then. But the job pays amazingly well for Buffalo. We are quite excited. It is a temp thing, just for the summer.

Here is the headache culprit eating his new favorite treat- biter biscuits. They sound like a dog food, but the box said they were for teething babies. There really should have been a warning on the box to only feed them to naked babies about to take a bath. I think they are the messiest food there is. Henry is only allowed to eat them after dinner and right before his bath. He loves them. We normally find at least half of the cookie down his shirt or in his diaper when we undress him for bath time.


A Wonderful Weekend

Our weekend was great. We got to go out twice without Henry!!! Hooray. For the first time ever we left Henry with a real babysitter. We've left him with the neighbors a few times when mine and Taylor's work and school schedules overlapped, but we actually planned something on Friday and arranged a babysitter. Our wonderful British friend and somewhat close neighbor Antionette watched Henry, we met Antionette out walking at the park when it was still warm and we have been friends ever since. Anyway, Taylor and I had tickets to take a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright House here in Buffalo, and we quite liked it.

This is a picture of the House (taken during some warm summer month). It is just up the street from our house. We decided to walk there, and I nearly froze to death. It was -15 on Friday with the windchill.

Then on Saturday we went to the temple in Palmyra. Luckily our friends the Moellers were going and they had family in town who agreed to watch our kids while we went to the temple. Thank You Moellers! It was much better than the baby swap we did last time. It was freezing in Palmyra!!! The drive is only about 75 minutes from here, and we will take anyone there who comes to visit!

And lastly here is the world's cutest baby in a bow tie. He had his doctor visit on Friday, and he is in the 85-90 percentile for everything. The first thing the doctor said was, "he is one big baby." He eats like crazy. We hear people complain about feeding their kids and how its like pulling teeth to get them to eat cereal and such, but this kid will eat anything. His personal favorite right now is anything with marinara sauce.



For some reason, there are certain sounds that really upset Henry. We normally discover them by accident, and this is one of those sounds. Don't worry about Henry, he is just fine. In fact, we think he really thinks its kind of funny- we sure do. and as you can see we didn't let him get too upset. It's that sad face that is just so darn cute.


The Rocking Chairs

Taylor's Christmas break ended today and he has gone back to school. I am a bit sad, we quite enjoyed our lazy mornings and long days together, but real life has returned. It's snowing outside, Taylor is gone, and I wasn't scheduled for work at all this week so I feel like I am getting a taste of what it feels like to be a real stay at home mom. And I must admit it feels kind of nice to know that I have absolutely nothing to do all week! And then I remember, I am not a just a stay at home mom with one small child, I actually have to finish writing my thesis! Uggh. I am sure all of you are tired of hearing about it by now, but just imagine how I feel! I am really tired of doing it. However, you will all be very happy to hear that I am making wonderful progress, and it is coming along nicely. Hooray!

Anyway back to happier topics, Taylor finished our rocking chairs this week. We bought a big rocking chair back before Henry was ever born and we had never refinished it, and we bought a little one for Henry. Here they are. The kid quite enjoys both of them.

And lastly, here is a picture of the little bug in my favorite pajamas. I truly believe there is nothing cuter than a pudgy little kid in tight pajamas.


Our new coat rack

For Christmas, Taylor made me a new coat rack. We have needed one ever since we got married and we could never find one we liked, so Taylor created one. Taylor is not only creative, but he is quite the handyman, so we get all sorts of cool stuff made around here. Taylor got some old molding from a place here in Buffalo that sells parts of torn down houses and then he bought all sorts of differnt hooks and he screwed them into the board and voila...a new coat rack.
Here is the finished product in use:

I love it!!!! So does Henry.


It's been a month since we posted...but we are back

Here is the whole Oswald fam-damily plus kate and penny up front. We went on the annual Christmas cruise down the Provo river. It is the great secret gem of provo. They do a Halloween cruise as well. You get on a big raft and float down a section of the Provo river with a river guide that tells bad jokes (just like the jungle cruise at Disneyland) and you look at the river banks that have been decorated for the Holiday all while freezing to death. It was wonderful. I think Henry even liked it.

We tried to take some pictures of little Hanky Panky over the break

that were worth printing and putting in frames. These are a few of them, none of them really turned out frame worthy, we need a much nicer camera, but he sure is cute.

Our trip home to Utah was wonderful (all except for the plane ride there with a VERY bad baby. We gave in on the plane ride home and gave the little guy some baby benadryl and he became an angel baby). Seeing friends and family was great, it even made us miss it a little bit. Christmas was wonderful. It was the perfect visit. We were sad to leave but happy to come back home to our beds and Buffalo. Here is the little elf baby on Christmas morning, he loved the paper and all the color. Taylor and I didn't get him one single thing for Christmas, so it's a good thing he has grandparents. He loves his chew toy and Noah's ark.

Taylor and I decided to wait and do our Christmas here in Buffalo when we got back, we didn't want to travel with presents. We did presents on New Year's Eve while Henry slept (he has no idea he missed our Christmas). It couldn't have been a better New Years Eve.