We are obsessed...

We found this movie online, and Henry and I watch it daily. Sometimes a few times a day. I love it, and Henry loves it even more. Sometimes we dance as we watch it.


Highway Robbery.

Taylor and I got our heating bill for the month of January and it was $440.00!!!! The sad thing is, we are still cold all the time. We never sleep with our heat on, and we never put it above 68 during the day. This month we are back to conserving . It's nine am right now, and our apartment is 57 degrees. My fingers are freezing off as I type this. It was 55 when we woke up, so at least it is getting a bit warmer. Luckily Henry's room always stays the warmest. I think it is at least 65 in there. We just keep him back there and bundle him up. He doesn't seem to mind at all. It's no wonder people here in Buffalo are so cranky in the winter-they spend their life savings on heating bills.

Anyway- here is another little predicament Henry got himself into. Don't worry, the situation was not nearly as upsetting as he is making it out to be, he is a little dramatic. He gets that from Taylor :) Also, as you can see from the baby barf on the rug that the little guy has relapsed. For some reason he has been throwing up again. But as always, he doesn't seem to mind.

Our last bit of news, this a bit more exciting than a high heating bill and baby barf, I went and helped a man in our ward clean up his house last week and he had all sorts of amazing treasures he let us take home. Taylor's personal favorite is the old school Nintendo of which we are now the proud owners.


Pay it forward.

I am only doing this to get a present from someone else.....But here it is, I will actually send a present to you too if you do this.

Pay it Foward!
This is how it works..... The first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive a hand made gift from me When and what will be a surprise. BUT, in order for you to leave a comment on my blog, you have to post this on your blog first. (That means that sometime during this year you will send a gift to 3 people as well.) Get it? So, the first 3 people to comment on this post will be the lucky ones!


He crawls!

Before I talk about Henry and his new crawling endeavors, I have to say a belated Happy Anniversary to Taylor. I had every intention of posting on Tuesday, but I never got to it. On Tuesday night our neighbor friend Antoinette came over to babysit and Taylor and I went out to dinner at an Indian restaurant called Tandoori's. I had completely forgotten how enjoyable it is to go out to dinner together. We haven't been out on a real date since we moved to Buffalo, and I think we may try and do it more often. We've been married two years, and in all honesty it has been the best two years of both of our lives. When we were engaged, people told us that marriage was difficult, and I sure hope we continue to prove them wrong. I guess I am a little naive seeing as how we've only had two years together, but if the future is as good as it has been, we are set for life. Here are two videos of the little bugaboo. The first one is to show you all how ravenously little Henry eats. A few minutes previous to this video Henry had eaten two bowls of beans, rice, & tomatoes. We cannot eat anything in front of Henry without battling for our food. No wonder he is so large. The second video is crawling! Hooray little guy! He just woke up yesterday morning and started crawling.


Some days Henry is so cute I can barely stand it, I just want to squish him. Often times I do squish him, and he hates it, but tough beans for him, I am a squisher. (Just ask my little sister Daysa).

Here he is one more time just about to crawl. We thought he was close last week, but now he is even closer. And his constant moaning is getting even more annoying.


Goodbye Uno.

I have never liked the idea of pets, especially large hairy animals living in people's homes. I think they stink, make messes, and cost way too much money. Big Dogs bother me the most, and those giant hairy cats too. I have never understood why people would want to share their living quarters with dirty animals. However, last February I fell in love with the Westminster Dog Show's Best In Show winner: Uno the beagle. Uno was replaced yesterday by some nasty looking dog, but for one year, Uno had me won over. I almost considered getting a dog. He is quite possibly the cutest little dog I have ever seen. He was the first beagle to ever win the Westminster Dog Show, and I loved him! Here's to you Uno- may you go down in history as the best dog to ever win "Best in Show."


My care free days are over....

The days of me leaving Henry on his bedroom floor and walking away for long periods of time without worrying what mess he can get himself into are over. He is now somewhat mobile and gets himself into all sorts of predicaments. Last week I left him in my bedroom and when I came back to get him, he was gone. I found him under my bed. He can only scoot backwards, so he never knows where he is going. I will never understand how he gets himself in such small places. Of all the places he could scoot, how in the world does he end up here?

I honestly found him in these two places this morning.

The poor kid wants to crawl so badly. Unfortunately for us, that means a lot of moaning and whining. Here is a video of his attempts. It is a little long, but if want to see the pilates plank in action, here it is.



Our trip to Toledo was wonderful. I got new shoes- thank you mom! And it was good to see everyone. Leisy's baby reminded me of the horrors of having a newborn. I got that bed time anxiety both nights we were there, you know that feeling of knowing that you aren't going to get to sleep, and your baby won't want to eat well. Ughh. I really don't like new babies.

Anyway, aside from newborn anxiety, it was really nice seeing everyone. Henry enjoyed his cousin Zeb's company immensely but I am not sure the feelings were mutual. Zeb got sick and tired of Henry grabbing at him. Here we are at Costco. Oh how I wish Buffalo had a Costco-I love those hotdogs- and turns out so does Henry.

My parents took us all to dinner the first night we were there- Texas Roadhouse. It was delicious, however, having to deal with a very adventurous 20month old, a tired eight month old, & a 3 day old was not all that fun. The next night we just ordered pizza.

Henry learned a new trick in Toledo- the pilates plank. It is actually a somewhat difficult position to maintain for long, but he has it mastered. We don't know why he loves it, but he does.
This kid eats everything, Leisy thinks he has Crater Willies which is a disease where your brain never tells you that you are full. We are just glad that he is a good eater. We haven't found a single food that he won't eat. He only weighs 2 pounds less than his cousin Zeb who is a full year older. Some of you may think this picture is gross, but I figure the more nasty surfaces he tries to eat, the healthier he will be...right?


Things that make me happy...

A very cute baby in new pajamas....

All things pink....

especially these pink uggs. I have been dreaming about them for months. I may never get them, but I can always dream. I always thought uggs seemed impractical...until I moved to Buffalo.

Name Plates at dinner....

You know dinner is going to be exciting when everyone has a nameplate. We had dinner at our friends' house, the Caspers on Sunday and the kids made us nameplates. We loved it! The evening was most definitely exciting.

Running in the snow....
I wish I could do it more often, but having a little bugaboo sure makes it difficult. I hope to own a treadmill in the near future.

My husband....
I really believe that I am the luckiest girl in the world.


Leisy had her Baby!

For those of you who read my blog but don't know who Leisy is, she is my identical twin sister which means that biologically speaking her new son is my new half-son and Henry's cousin and half-brother. That is what happens when you have the same DNA. Anyway, here he is. Kind of funny looking if you ask me. And the poor kid has baby acne. Oh well if he ends up half as cute as Zeb (his older brother) he will be just fine. He was 7lbs 5 oz. And his name has yet to be determined. You can see their blog here- http://www.kentandleisy.blogspot.com