Ever since we babysat the family of five children, Henry has been an entirely different little boy in his interactions with other kids. He is more agressive and more playful. This week we had a friend over for a few hours and Henry loved the company! He spent most of the time trying to to attack his new friend Taylor, and Taylor spent most of the time trying to get Henry to leave him alone.

Our next door neighbors have a dog, and everytime Henry sits down to eat and he hears the dog barking he insists on standing up to watch- we really need something to tie him into his high chair. It is really quite dangerous. If we turn our backs for an instant, he is up and turned around.

I found this the other day when I walked in Henry's room at bedtime. Taylor didn't seem to even notice that Henry had stopped listening-he just kept on reading. This is what happens when we try and read a book that isn't a touch and feel book.


henry hates the pool

We went to a friend's house to swim today, Henry was not happy about it one bit, until...his new best friend Melanie gave him his first ever popsicle. As soon as the popsicle was gone, he remembered how unhappy he was about being in a giant bucket of water with splashing screaming kids.
The kid is in love with the Touch and Feel story books
He also thinks they are Touch and Eat story books.
Our last bit of blog worthy news, I made a dish that Taylor deemed an eleven last night. We have a scale system of one to ten. Anything above six means we can make it again, and eight or higher means make it often, and according to Taylor, an eleven means it's the best thing I have ever made. We borrowed a curry book from our British friend Antoinette and I made Chicken Tikka Massala. I had to go to a store called the World Bazaar to get most of the ingredients and it turned out pretty darn good. If you aren't an Indian Food fan, you'd probably hate it, but we loved it. I used some crazy ingredients- and I even ground & created my own curry. The ingredients were mostly new to me, but I think we may be using them all a lot more often. I used cardamom, kalla jeera (black cumin), a stick of cinnamon, cloves, plain yogurt, regular cumin, grated fresh ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes, coriander, paprika, and a few other strange things. Taylor thinks I should make it every week- however, it was a lot of work, so he may only get it once a month.


Henry's bad habit

Henry has a problem...he eats/chews on everything in sight. People say it is normal for babies to chew on things, they say it's just a stage, or that he must be teething. But sometimes I wonder if Henry's tastebuds work. Just yesterday I noticed that Henry was being extremely quiet in the front room and I found him in the fireplace, eating pieces of burned wood. In the picture below he is trying to hide the fact that he has a quarter size piece of charcoal in his mouth. He was very angry when I removed it.

Henry has eaten everything imaginable and he seems to enjoy everything he has tried. The list grows every day. He even tries to eat people, like other babies and kids. He chews on tables, chairs, blankets, keys, books, & dishes. Every time we go to a restaurant, he bites down on the table. Here is the current tally of things we have found in his mouth:

*warning: some of these things are very gross

peeled garlic cloves

Dirty Diapers and their contents

fresh rosemary leaves

toilet paper (fresh from the unflushed toilet)

aluminum foil (one of his very favorites)

the cotton swabs off the end of q-tips. (We normally just let him eat those, it keeps him busy for a while)

dirt, rocks, mud, sticks


paper of all varieties



anything in the garbage can

the stuff that gathers at the bottom of your broom (you know the nasty hair/dust ball thing) he seems to never get tired of eating that stuff.

You'd think that we would have learned to keep things out of his reach by now, but he always manages to find something bad to eat.


Henry's Easter Basket

We got an Easter basket for Hanky Panky in the mail this week. We had one minor mishap while opening the box. I didn't have scissors and as I was tearing off the tape, the box flew out of my hand and hit him in the face. oops. He looks really sad here, but he was extremely happy moments later when I felt bad about what I had done and in return gave him an orange Peep.

Taylor and I still don't think Henry is old enough to buy him presents, he doesn't understand what a present is anyway, and he'd just as soon play with garbage as he would new toys. Plus, presents cost money which we have very little of. (This isn't a ploy to get money and gifts from people, we are quite happy with our current life situation, and Henry is too. He doesn't know any better, and frankly we'd rather it stay that way) Anyway, Henry however does have many admirers and he was lucky enough to get an Easter basket this year from Nannie Annie and Grandpa Philip- it came a few days late, but he loved it all the same. He was very happy with the plastic eggs to chew on- we never even told him that the eggs were actually full of candy.


Easter Weekend

We had an absolutely wonderful easter in Ashland Ohio- it is this wonderful little town in Ohio right near Amish country and it was fantastic. The drive was great, Henry was good, and I am so glad to have family on this side of the country. We stayed with Cousin Amy & Craig at Craig's house and had the most wonderful Easter dinner ever! Craig's mom is Greek so we had Greek food and it was delicious. Thank you Starkeys! We will be back soon.
Amish country was fascinating, and kind of strange. We went to a cheese factory and drove around their town- it kind of felt weird just driving around to watch these people live, but at the same time, they take advantage of the curiosity and give tours and sell suff, so I didn't feel as bad.
At the cheese factory, we found out that the moon really is made of green cheese, and quite tasty too.

And for Easter dinner, we ate a lamb cake. Nothing better than cutting up a baby lamb to celebrate Easter.

We also had a great Easter Egg hunt with all the kids outside, but Henry was totally uninterested. He mostly watched all the kids and he fell in love with their dog! At one point we found him trying to eat the dogs feet, thankfully the dog didn't mind one bit.

Here they are, staring each other down.

And lastly, here we are with the hysterical Starkey kids. Cousin Amy has great kids. And Leisy & I love to tease them. The only thing missing all weekend was cousin Hailey. I kept looking around for her to be there. Maybe next Easter.


Buffalo's Broadway Market

Buffalo has this little indoor Market called the Broadway market, its just like the markets that the Russians have, and I love it! It is mostly run by Polish people, and since Easter is one of their favorite Holidays, this week means a big week for the Broadway market. We went today seeing as how it is Good Thursday, and it was wonderful! Polish sausages, butter lambs, and lots of eastern european pastries.


My thoughts for the day...

I really want to see the new Hannah Montana Movie. I don't know how I am going to convince Taylor to see it with me, but somehow I will.


Getting transferred to a new Gap store that has an adult section in it is the worst thing that could have ever happened to our budget. Sometimes I think about picking up extra shifts just so I can buy these:


Sometimes I look at Henry and I think that I never want him to grow up. He is perfect, safe, really cute, almost always happy, and he can't make bad decisions. All I want is for him to be happy forever- and growing up means that sadness and disapointment will come and go throughout his life. When I start to worry about it too much, I try and think about how horrible it would be to change poopy diapers every day for the rest of my life. But for some reason that doesn't ever seem all that bad if it could ensure his happiness and giggles forever.


Buffalo's hidden gem

No, this tie-dyed onesie I made for Henry isn't one of Buffalo's hidden gems, but I just wanted to share my newest hobby. I got together with some friends this week and we tie-dyed baby clothes. I had one disaster, but I eventually figured it out- and here it is. I think it's pretty cool. Henry even got a compliment on it at the grocery store today.

Anyway...on to Buffalo's hidden gem...the Forest Lawn Cemetery. I went running on Thursday morning and I decided to run through this cemetery. It is only a mile or so from our house and it is absolutely beautiful. I don't know why no one has told us about this place yet, but it is my favorite thing I have seen in Buffalo since we've been here. It is listed on the National Register of Historic places, it is huge, it has lots of roads and paths for running, it has a lake with ducks and geese, a stream, a neat little chapel, gardens, benches, and beautiful monuments. I came home and read about it on the Internet and they give tours of the place during the summer. I can't wait to go back. Taylor and I are going to go for a Sunday picnic once it is warm enough- and I think it would be a great place to take family pictures. If you come to visit, we'll take you here!

This is one of the entrances:

One of the many amazing monuments

and my very favorite, the chapel doors


Henry's new tricks.

This first picture of the little guy demanding more goldfish crackres is hardly a new trick, he does it many times a day, but the video below is his new favorite thing to do. He just hasn't quite figured out how not to hit himself in the face when he does it. However, he doesn't seem to mind. And if you look closely at the picture you can see tooth #8 on the bottom. Teething has been a breeze for this kid. He doesn't get cranky or sick at all, he just tries to chew on everything in the house- including the house itself. We have teeth marks in our cabinets, windowsills, and probably the wood floor if I looked close enough.

Henry now says mama as well. I hear a lot of people say that mama and dada are a baby's first words, but I really don't think Henry has any idea what he is saying, so I don't actually think it qualifies as a word. Maybe we could call it his first recognizable sound.