This past Sunday was the Buffalo Marathon, and it ran past our house. Taylor was already off to early morning meetings, but Henry and I went and watched the first few runners go by. This is the guy that won the race. It was another 5 minutes before anyone else ran by. Our house was at mile 18. It was wonderful to watch, kind of emotional actually. It made me want to run another marathon...I think I may try...that is if my ilotibial bands will hold up. I really hate being injured.

We've had a lot happen this week, so I am trying to catch up. Taylor's birthday threw off my blogging. Here is a memorial day picture...Little Hanky Panky is cute as can be. We didn't actually swim, it was a little cold. We also learned an important lesson: Swim diapers cannot be used as normal diapers. We left it on Henry for a 30 minute drive home and he and his carseat were soaked. Nasty.
Today we took a little hike to a place called "The Eternal Flame" We have heard all about it and finally decided to head out. It was a very easy hike, however our decision to wear flip-flops turned out half-bad and half-good. There was lots of water, and you kind of have to walk through a stream,so we were grateful for water shoes, but it was also very slippery! We nearly lost Taylor and Henry, and I most definitely fell. This first picture is the waterfall and there is some sort of natural gas leak in it, its the black hole you can see in the picture, and someone has lit the gas and there is a flame there. You can see a little orange it if you enlarge the pic. They say it is natural- I guess I believe them. It was kinda cool. Anyway, for the hike back we decided to climb the waterfall and take the stream all the way back. It was quite treacherous, but we made it! (Barely)

Henry loved it.

This is after I slipped down a little hill.

Here they are tromping through the stream.


Happy Birthday Taylor!

Last year on Taylor's birthday, I posted 24 reasons I love him. I decided against the list this year, although I could list far more than 25 - I could go on forever, but no one really cares to hear them all other than me. However, you must indulge me while I mention a few. Taylor makes me ridiculously happy. He is wonderful company, the best husband a girl could ask for, and one of the most kind people you'll ever know. He listens to all my stories, even though I sometimes don't listen to all of his and lastly, he loves me, and I love him more. Happy Birthday.
Today was wonderful. We woke up early (actually, no earlier than normal, but since the little guy wakes up every morning at 6:15, every morning is an early morning) and headed off for a day of adventure. Taylor told me he wanted to go hiking, so that's what we did. The weather was beautiful, and Henry was happy. We found a Kelty baby hiking backpack at a yardsale a few weeks back for $10, so we decided to try it out. Henry was in love...for the first hour and a half, then he wanted Taylor to hold him. (Another reason I am glad he chooses Taylor over me). Our hike took us down the Niagara Gorge, it's the giant gorge created by the water plummeting over the falls. It was a beautiful simple hike, and there were hardly any other people to be seen, which made for an even better day. We also took a little trip to a cute little European like town in Canada called Niagara-on-the-Lake. We wandered through the shops and had lunch and then head back home to the USA. I love using my passport. I don't know why I love border crossings so much, but it makes me very happy.

On our way home, we drove past this house!!! I made Taylor turn the car around so we could drive by again and take a picture. Notice in the second picture that the owner of the house is sitting out in his skivvies on a recliner in the front yard. I am pretty sure he knew I was taking a picture of his house.

I made Taylor wait until after the hike to open his presents, he couldn't wait.

Happy 25!


Free stuff

Taylor and I have become quite the curbside shoppers here in Buffalo, it is amazing! People throw out the greatest stuff, and since we have a giant apartment that needs to be filled, we are glad to be the benefactors of other people's garbage. Plus, we are helping to save the Earth and waste less. Here are some of the wonderful things we have found in the past few weeks:

This basket was once basket colored, but Taylor painted it orange to match Henry's bedroom

We don't know exactly what this large piece of wood is, we were told it is a fireplace cover, but Taylor thought it would look nice above our mantel. We may hang a wreath from it. Any suggestions???
We got two of these mini chairs

And for the last bit of this post, here are some new videos of Henry doing his two favorite things:
Pushing objects and toys around the house

Eating things he shouldn't be eating



There is this backyard game created here in Buffalo called Kan-Jam and we played it for the first time ever tonight. It was introduced to us by our Buffalo native friends Ashley & Adam. We loved it! In my opinion it easily beats croquet and Bocci Ball in backyard summer games. We may be purchasing the game this summer. It's a four player game with a frisbee and two cans and it is much more fun than plain old frisbee. I HATE plain old frisbee, I ESPECIALLY hate ultimate frisbee. I don't know if you are allowed to be a Mormon and hate ultimate frisbee, but I do, I think its plain awful. Anyway, we hope our summer will hold many more evenings of BBQs and Kan-Jam to share with you all. Henry was in heaven all night, we let him play in the dirt and eat anything he could find. We got home a little late and we decided not to give Henry his nightly bath and we realized that this is the first night of Henry's little life since he was in the hospital that he hasn't had a bath before bed-it made me realize that we are kind of crazy about his bedtime routine, but it has been worth every bit of it! Taylor and I were just talking about how we can't remember when he didn't sleep through the night. This kid has been sleeping 12 hours a night since he was 4 1/2 months old. We are blessed. Keep it up little Henry! And speaking of sleeping, Taylor and I went on a much longer than anticipated run this week and the little guy fell sound asleep in the stroller. I don't think there is anything in the world cuter than a sleeping Henry.


I wish I had something exciting to post, but I don't. Henry has been a crazy screaming banshee lately, but luckily he prefers Taylor over me- I willl never understand why any mother feels bad when her child prefers their father over their mother, I couldn't be happier about it. The kid follows Taylor around whining until he gets picked up. And in other news, he's almost walking, and I have mixed feelings about it. However, I am really tired of him finding nasty little things all over the floor, and I am very tired of the dirty knees. Here is a video of the little guy on his knees, he loves this new little toy we got him. It was $1.


I nearly died...

when I saw this thing in our house. It crawled out of our laundry basket. It was the worst thing I've seen in a long time. Really, I was shreaking and screaming. It nearly jumped out of the bucket Taylor caught it in. I told Taylor that I thought it was too big to squish and that it belonged in a Zoo, so he walked across the street and let it loose in the Zoo. I hope the rhino eats it.

Since Henry started standing up in his high chair, we decided to start tying him in again, only thing is, he can still stand up and now he thinks he is safe because he is more secure.

And my last bit of excitement is the late mother's day present I received. Our friends have this amazing little contraption called the Donvier Ice Cream Maker. It makes Sorbets, Frozen yogurt, ice cream and more! All without electricity or salt. It's pretty amazing and our friends knew that Taylor was on the lookout for it and found it at a 2nd hand store for $3!!! They cost $54.95 in the stores. All you readers now have one more reason to come visit.


Happy Mother's Day to me.

I got home from church today and this beautiful Martha Stewart cast iron pot was waiting for me. I love it, and I am excited to start making things in it. My friend Mackenzie has a great recipe for artisan bread that you cook right in the pot. Thank you Taylor (&Henry) and Thank you Martha Stewart. We had a wonderful mother's day today, we both spoke in church which also meant we gave Henry away for the hour (Thank you Rachel & Ryan, you can have him whenever you want him), we ate a quiet dinner together while Henry slept, and we visited with wonderful friends. It couldn't have been better.

We had a wonderful weekend, it couldn't have been much better. We did some serious yard sale shopping, and made away with some great deals which we'll share later in the week. However, everytime we get Henry a new toy I wonder why we even bother spending a dollar when he is this happy with a roll of toilet paper. It never ceases to bring him endless joy.

Henry also learned about death this weekend with the passing of a backyard squirrel. We think he fell out of a tree or something. Henry wanted to eat it. We wouldn't let him.

And lastly, something has possessed our sweet baby. He has magically become very bad. This is what he does when his toys get stuck. This behavior started overnight-and he did not learn it from us! Is this normal?


It's been a while since I blogged, Taylor has been hogging the computer to write papers, and Henry has been very demanding of my attention lately but I have finally found a moment to write. It's getting warmer here, and we spend lots of time outside so hopefully we'll have lots more pictures to share for the summer. And warm weather also means yard sale season. We found this sweet buffalo tie at a yard sale this week...$.75...I am in love with yard sales. They are so much better here than in Utah.

We think Henry is adorable when he gets on his tippy toes to look out the window.

Taylor and I went out this week on a real date, it was the closing social for Taylor's program at school. We went to a dinner downtown and we took the subway. It was my first time on the Buffalo subway. It 's kind of a lame subway, it has one line with ten or so stops, but luckily we live less than a mile from one of the stops so we decided to go green. I love riding the subway.

And for our last big bit of family news, as of 7 days ago, Henry is bottle free. We started using the sippy cup months ago, and we were tired of the bottle. I don't think he even notices it is gone-he hasn't complained one bit. This video may seem a bit boring for some of you, but it's really for his admirers in Utah who don't get to see how incredibly cute he is everyday like we do.