Strawberry picking

Henry & I went strawberry picking for playgroup today. The strawberries are much better than the store bought kind...they are sweeter and deeper red. Our trip was quite enjoyable but it was much too hot for my liking, and poor Henry was getting a little irritable as well. I think he may take after me and my abhorrence of sweltering heat. However, we may try and make a delectable strawberry treat later today.

Henry learned very quickly the art of picking strawberries, and every time I turned around, this is what I found. He had no problem eating the stems and leaves. He probably ate at least 10 berries...which means bad news for the diaper changers around here. Oh well. He loved every one.
And speaking of Henry's eating habits, he still hasn't stopped eating everything! We recently went to the beach and he ate everything he could get his little hands on. I think he ate one of my earrings this week too. However, we aren't complaining because he is healthy and he loves all food- especially broccoli and asparagus. What more could a parent ask for?


We've had visitors...

We've had visitors this week...Leisy&Kent and kiddos came to visit. We loved almost every bit of it...all except for the part where Henry has turned into a very bad baby. Where did this come from? Is this normal for a one year old? Does anyone want to keep him until he is 3?

Other than the screaming, they all seem to be getting along just fine.

Zeb refused to touch the elephant at the Zoo, so Taylor touched it for him.

And lastly...this past week, we painted our kitchen!!! The nasty orange is gone. I think the only person in this world who might be a little bit sad about it is my friend Lindsi who loves the color orange, but it didn't go with all our red stuff so the orange had to go. Here are the before and after pics:


It's official....we are New Yorkers.

We got our new license plates this week. When the lady handed them to me she gave me this apologetic look, and when I looked at them I realized why. I told her that I was really quite happy about it, and she gave me a strange smile, and I went on my way. I hope she doesn't think I am a satanist. We also got new driver licenses, and Taylor nearly failed the vision test. When the cranky lady told him to read line 7 on the eye chart he started and she yelled, "no!! I said line 7!" (Little did she know that he was reading line 7, he was just getting them wrong). Anyway, so lucky for him, he got one more chance, and he barely passed. I was having giggle fits of course. We really need to get Taylor into the eye doctor. He has been telling me for a while that he can't see things, and I just never believed him.
In more life news, baby Henry gets cuter and cuter everyday. Don't you just want to squeeze him? Don't worry I squeeze him everyday...a lot. I think that may be why he prefers his father over me.

And lastly, we spent Saturday with our friends Mackenzie and Tyler at the Allentown Art Festival- its a festival with people selling handmade crafts and kitschy things. I forgot to take a picture of our friends booth, it was super cool, so I may have to post later, but I did take a picture of the #1 most awful item for sale at the festival. Bra Purses: (And yes that man selling them is dressed up in medieval garb.


One year later.

Henry had a wonderful Birthday. He ate more treats then he knew what to do with. We gave him a "healthy" birthday cake- and he actually never really got to the cake. He dug out all the raspberries and strawberries and then decided he was done. I think the first birthday is probably the least exciting, seeing as how he had no idea it was his birthday. If you ask me, I should have been the one receiving gifts for not breaking him yet. We are very grateful for the little guy...we think he is wonderful (except for when he screams and yells) and we have decided to keep him. However, we are still willing to lend him out free of charge for weekends and evenings.

He has come a long way in a year. He is much cuter than he was the day he was born, and he sure weighs a lot more. His single greatest accomplishment for year one is his wonderful ability to sleep through the night, he has set the bar high for his future siblings, and we hope they can all live up to his example. He loves to eat unless you feed him bread. He hates bread. He can say a few words like baby, mom, dad, and uh-oh. He loves to be naked, and he loves taking baths. He screams when Taylor and I talk to each other and forget to pay attention to him, and he loves to throw things. He hates the vacuum and the blender, and he loves to chew on everything and anything. His current favorite pastime is rummaging through every garbage in the house. He mastered the art of puking at a very early age, but has thankfully almost entirely given it up. We never thought it would end. We sure love you little Henry, even when you do drive us crazy.

Because of the important part puking played in Henry's first year of life, we have also included a short video clip for your enjoyment. We had many videos to choose from, but this one was our favorite. He sure was a cute little christmas elf.



This is the only picture of the little guy that we took today...kind if sad, but it was a busy day. We are celebrating tomorrow, so those pictures will come soon. Today Taylor and I both had to work all day, so Henry spent his first birthday with his friends Tyler and Mackenzie. As I sat down to blog, I realized that I hadn't taken even one picture of him today, so I snuck in his room and snapped one. He is 1 year and 30 minutes old in this picture. I can't believe it has been a year since he joined us. Time flies. He has taken a few steps this week- with his first being while we waited in line at the DMV. I think it'll be a while before he really starts walking. He is content to push things around the house.

Anyway...now onto something hilarious that our landlady does. Firstly, we have an absolutely wonderful landlady. She lives below us and she brings us many hours of laughter and enjoyment. She also loves to garden, and our yard is full of colorful flowers. This picture below isn't actually our yard, but we had these very flowers in our yard a few weeks ago. Unfortunately these purple ball flowers only stay in bloom for a few weeks and last week all the petals fell off, so our landlady decided to do something about it.

Here are the new flowers (this is an actual photo from our backyard). Look closely-you may need to enlarge the picture. Can you see her handiwork? She spray painted them blue. We love our landlady. And no matter the season, we will always have colorful flowers in our backyard.

And lastly, here are two videos of the little guy. This first one is one of my favorites. The kid is horrified of the vacuum. It is really funny.

And here he is running around the house:


This past weekend I attended Youth Conference in Brockport, NY with the 16-18 yr old girls from church. I am the advisor for the 14&15 year olds, so I am not sure how I got roped into going, but I must admit, I had a lot of fun. There were only three of us altogether from the Buffalo Ward, but it was a multi-stake event, so there were about 300 kids there from all over Western and Upstate NY. I couldn't believe how much it was the same from what I did as a teenager, at the dance, they even danced to the same songs- YMCA, Cotton-eye Joe, etc. I still don't know that dance, and I'll never understand how everyone else does. The dance was way more fun then I remember them being (Probably because I wasn't worried what my hair looked like, or if my outfit was cute) all I worried about was embarrassing Bonnie and Mimi- and I am pretty sure I did that. I even got asked to dance by a nice boy named Bubba from Erie, PA. I never told him that I was 28, married, and had a child. I was also mistaken as one of the youth a number of times and once while wandering around campus with the Bonnie and Mimi (the two girls from Buffalo) we were chastised and told we needed to be with a chaperone at all times. I just giggled and said we'd go find one. This bottom picture is one of us stacked on top of each other in the dorm hall, Mimi is on top, then Bonnie, then me. Soon after this picture was taken we got in trouble for being too loud. Oops. I felt like a teenager all weekend. It was great.

Henry made the big switch to forward facing in the carseat this past week. He loves it and so do we! Don't mind his dirty knees...that is from him crawling around the floor at church. I am very excited for him to start walking. I don't care how much more trouble he gets into, I am tired of how dirty his knees are.

On a sad note, our next door neighbors moved this weekend, and I forgot to say goodbye before I left for Youth Conference. I am sad. But luckily they are only moving 3 hours away, so we will see them again. We sure will miss seeing these smiling faces out our living room window. Goodbye Abby, Jeff, Max, & Perry! Thanks for a wonderful year.