Don't you just want to squeeze this little kid? He sure is getting fun. He communicates and understands, and he is stubborn as can be. He drives us bonkers most days and makes our house so messy, that you'd guess we have 5 kids, but he is so dang cute I can barely stand it. It's official, Henry really does love my old teddy bear Mr. Teddy. He carries it around the house, chews on his nose all day, and sleeps with him every night. We fill his crib with toys, blankets, & books, and he throws them all out except Mr. Teddy. Mr. Teddy is about the same size as Henry, only he is about 20 years older.

Henry got in a fight with the driveway today, Henry lost. He got a bloody nose, but don't worry that isn't why he is crying in the picture. He wanted to play with my cell phone, but I wouldn't let him because he keeps calling 911, and I don't think they are going to believe me next time I try and tell them that my baby called them on accident...again.

Here is the little bugaboo caught redhanded (notice the mess behind him). The nice thing is, if we leave the scraps out long enough, he cleans them up himself. He eats them.


way too many pictures....

I am including more pictures than I should in this post, we just took so many this past week and I couldn't narrow it down. This first pic is in Kirtland, while Taylor's parents were visiting the sites and taking the tours (I can only handle so many guided tours in one week...I tend to get a little bored, and so does Henry) we stopped by this Antique barn, where Freddy the turkey was wandering through the antiques. Taylor didn't like him one bit, but I made him take the picture.

This is where I caught Henry, just before he was about to tear every book off the shelf.
While Taylor's parents were in town, we went to the rainforest cafe for lunch, I have always wanted to go there, and it was quite delicious. Henry was enthralled by the animals, trees, and insects.

I thought this picture with Henry and all the animal bums was cute.

We also went on the maid of the mist at Niagara Falls, and it was hysterical. Last time we went, we barely needed our ponchos, but our captain must have been really daring or the falls were wetter than normal because we were soaked, and Henry didn't like it one bit. People were screaming and shreaking, Henry was crying, and I loved it. I would have taken some pictures, but the camera wouldn't have made it. Here is the little guy in his poncho...he liked it.

Henry was not a fan of the moving Gorillas at the rainforest cafe...it was really funny



I know I have been slacking on blogging...I have been busy....really busy. Taylors parents are in town this week and I was working on my thesis all last week. I am so close to be finished I almost cry thinking about the day it will all be over. Henry has taken to my old teddy bear from my childhood, his name is Mr. Teddy. Henry loves him to death, it is adorable. He looks a little dingy and matted in the picture, its because he is. A trip through the washing machine just doesn't do much for him.

Taylor and I went to the Italian festival here in Buffalo and we saw this. We didn't really get it. It just seemed a little strange.
We also went to the Hill Cumorah Pageant this weekend in Palmyra (it's the Pageant that re-enacts the stories from the Book of Mormon) The special effects were surprisingly cool, there was fire, storms, battles, etc. and the pageant wasn't half bad. It was leaps and bounds better than the Manti Pageant for all you Utahans who had to suffer through that this summer. This is us with Moroni and some Lamanite Dancer, and one of our favorite missionaries.

And lastly, here is a picture of the cutest little kid that ever was. I know that everyone thinks their own children are cute even when they are kind of funny looking, but I am pretty darn sure that no one thinks that Henry is funny looking. (However, I will admit he does have fleeting moments of funny lookingness, however they only last for brief moments)


We left some oreos out this past week, and I went in the front room to put them away and they were gone...I went into the back to find Henry and this is what I found. He was in heaven. I let him eat one, however I realized that the other two already had bites in them.
As you can see here, he isn't get much skinnier, I think he looks like a little football player. We may start calling him Hank the Tank. Life is so much better now that he can walk. And he is a pro. Its like he has been walking for months but he was hiding it from us.
Henry loves loves loves broccolli, however he always stockpiles it in his mouth. He takes every piece from his tray before he will swallow. We were trying to get his full mouth on video, and this is what happened. Don't worry, the broccolli didn't get wasted. He still ate it. He is funny. I sure like little Henry a lot more now that he is turning into a real little person and he isn't just a baby blob.


A lot has happened since we last posted...the 4th of July, discovering the Buffalo Library, Henry now walks, Henry has become a very bad baby, and my thesis is nearing completion. I'll start with the 4th of July. Independence Day is up there in my three favorite holidays...I am not sure what the other two are, I just know that 4th of July is one of them. This year was kind of a dissapointment. I think what makes holidays so much fun is traditions and spending time with family. Unfortunately Taylor had to work all day which meant I spend the day at home with the rugrat and cleaned the house. It needed to be done, so for that I am grateful and we needed the money so I am very glad that Taylor worked, I just wish we had gone out to play. However the evening was wonderful, we went to a very fun and eventful church party...it was much better than I anticipated, and then we finished off the night with fireworks. Henry quite enjoyed the fireworks, and he didn't seem scared one bit. Here we are watching the fireworks.

This is the closest we got to a family picture...those are Henry's little legs in the background.

Now onto Henry and his newfound love: walking. He just magically started walking on Sunday. He didn't walk in the morning or at church, but then Sunday afternoon...voila!...he walked. He hasn't stopped since.

Now onto the wonderful and serendipitous discovery of the Buffalo library. I am in love. They say it is the 2nd biggest public library in America. It has been years since I walked in a library simply to find wonderful books to read and movies to watch. I think college gives us all negative and anxious feelings to associate with the library like finals week and lots of homework. However, public libraries are absolutely wonderful. The one here has a cafe, a store, and lots of wonderful things. I think I will be going every week as long as I live here in Buffalo.


The bugaboo had to get his blood drawn today. You can see his little bandage in the picture below. I didn't go with him, I wanted no part of it. He had to get it drawn for the mandatory 1yr lead test. We thought it was a good idea since we find him chewing on paint chips on a regular basis and out house was built long before anyone cared if there was lead in paint. We get the results in a few weeks. Taylor said it was sad. They took two whole vials! Poor little guy.
This baby is obsessed with pillows. When we throw him on our bed, he rolls around squealing and giggling. Who needs toys when you've got pillows?

One last bit of important information...or rather a warning for all you blog readers who may at some point come in contact with this chunky child...he has the most awful breath imaginable! Is this normal for a small child? Sometimes Taylor and I think he has a poopy diaper only to realize it is his breath. We brush his teeth often, and he doesn't eat cloves of garlic anymore...any suggestions? We think he may be losing friends.