This is why the Zoo was closed.


Its was a blustery day in Buffalo

Firstly, I have to say that BabyGap makes some of the cutest pajamas ever. Really, is there anything cuter than a chubby little kid in tight pajamas? I must admit however, that the BabyGap pajamas are outrageously expensive- they are $22 a pair. I know its absurd, but the secret is to never buy them full price because they almost always go on sale. However I made one exception this week when I bought this pair:

The Halloween pjs always sell out before they get marked down, so I caved in and bought them. But don't worry- I got my discount. I still think $11 is a little steep though. I normally never pay more than five. But really, isn't he adorable? They glow in the dark.

Now on to our blustery day in Buffalo. We had crazy rain and winds, but Taylor had the day off for Yom Kippur. We wanted to go to the Zoo but apparently the aminals are all Jewish because the Zoo was also closed for the day, and it was super cold, so we opted for the Aquarium in Niagara Falls. Here we are at the shark shanty:
The aquarium had some neat fish including this one below(it was my favorite), but overall it was a pretty shabby little aquarium. I have never actually been to an aquarium before so I don't have much to compare it to, but I am pretty sure most aquariums are a little better than this one. It was dark, dank, and really kind of creepy. Thank heavens we had free tickets (thanks uncle bob & aunt chele)! I don't know that I would have paid more than a dollar to get in.
If you enlarge this picture, it really looks like my head is floating.

And lastly, Henry got another new pair of pajamas today in the mail. Thanks Nanny Annie! We don't have a costco here and we therefore cannot buy the super cheap and super warm carter pajamas that do wonders here in freezing cold Buffalo. Henry is sleeping warm tonight.


The worst part about being sick...

I think the very worst part about being sick in your sinuses is your inability to taste. Its awful, plain awful. Taylor took me to dinner on Monday night for my half birthday- we went to Olive Garden (thanks for the giftcard ashley!). I could hardly taste a thing. We were going to go out to ice cream afterwards but I decided not to waste all those calories on something I couldn't enjoy.
However, all in all, it was a great night out and a nice break away from our little screecher. After dinner we went to TJmaxx the home goods version and wandered around looking for good deals, the only thing that could have been better would be a trip to Big Lots. I love big lots and all the great deals there. Henry also enjoyed the night with friends. He came home happy and tired, as pictured below. He has been sucking on his fingers lately- I think its because he is teething. Did I mention that he is currently in the middle of getting eight teeth? Poor kid.

So I really wish Henry was a snuggly baby. What drives me the most crazy is that he will snuggle with pillows and my old nasty teddy bear. Here he is snuggling with both. He actually mostly just attacks pillows- but I wouldn't mind if he attacked me on occasion. Its kind of cute, and it is kind of like snuggling.


I'm sick. very sick.

I consider myself a healthy person, I don't normally get sick, and if I do, it never stays around long...until that is, I had a baby. A few days after Henry was born I got the first sinus infection of my life, it was awful! And it lasted more than a week! Ever since then, when I get sick it lasts forever and almost always goes to my sinuses. ew. I was semi-sick all August, and then it went away for a week or so, and now voila, I am sick again, but its worse. I have a fever, body aches, and cheese grater throat (you know when it feels like you rubbed a cheese grater on your throat & every time you swallow you want to cry). I am sleeping horribly, I feel rotten, and I think I have exceeded the allowable limit for excedrin and advil in a given week. I finally went to the doctor on Friday, they didn't tell me much, nor did they check me for strep. But they did write me a perscription and they told me to fill it if I was still sick when I woke up this morning. I was most definitely still sick this morning, and I have started the Amoxicillin, but that doesn't help with the pain. I told Taylor to go get me some magical drug at walgreens today. It is interesting how much you desperately want all the promises on the labels of the medicine to be true, especially the night time ones. I ended up choosing some awful blue liquid that promises instant relief on my sore throat...we'll see if it works when I wake up in the middle of the night. I just can't wait that twenty minutes for the pain to go away when I take regular pain killers. Has anyone ever tried this stuff?

Other than being sick, things are going well around here. We had a delicious dinner tonight, a new recipe. It was sweet potato sausage stew. Taylor gave it an 8.5 on the dinner scale. I ate it, but I couldn't really taste it, so I will have to give it a score the next time we make it, but it seemed really good. I am posting a picture and the recipe. It looks kind of funny, but Taylor really loved it and it was super easy. We of course topped it with sour cream.

1/2-1 Box of chicken stock (we only did a half, and it needed more liquid!) 1 can of diced tomatoes... 1 can kidney beans... 2 garlic cloves crushed...1 1/2 tsp cumin.... 2 tsp paprika.... 1 1/2 tsp salt.... 3/4 tsp pepper....... we added carrots, but it didn't call for them..... 1/2 lb- 1lb Cooked chopped sausage (we did garlic & herb chicken sausage), you could do chicken instead we did both ......1 large or two small sweet potatoes chopped in small cubes..... 1/4 - 1/2 cup of apple juice concentrate or 1 -2 cups apple juice (depending how sweet you like it)

Let it simmer until the sweet potatoes are soft or put it in a crock pot for a few hours. mmm.

I also went to craft night this week at church and made this neat little necklace, it was super cheap, $1.50 for the chain and the charms. The charms are actually washers and we just pounded letters on them. And now I get to wear a necklace on my neck that expresses my love for taylor. Pretty cheesy, I know, but I really like the necklace. And lastly, here is the screamer after his bath this evening. Don't mind the bit of nudity.


more family pictures

I wish I could get myself to post more often, I keep recommitting myself to do it, but I never seem to get the thirty minutes to sit down and type. I have been working a lot lately, Taylor always seems to be gone, and Henry is a handful. Anyway, back to work...I love it. Who knew I could enjoy the Gap this much? Being a manager makes work so much more enjoyable. It goes by faster, I have more responsibility, and I get to actually make decisions. I really feel blessed that it has worked out so well and that they are so flexible with my schedule. I am mostly grateful for a husband who supports me in it as well. (He kind of has to since it pays the rent, but he does it so happily) He cooks, cleans, and takes care of Henry on top of his classes and studying when I am at work, And he doesn't complain one bit- even when I have to drop Henry off on campus when our schedules are tight and they have to make the hour treck home on the bus and subway together. I am a lucky girl.

When we were in Utah we took many family pictures, these are a few that we took with Taylor's family. I think of all the pictures we took in Utah with all the different photographers, we may actually find some that are worth printing and hanging on the wall.
I thought I would include one of Taylors entire immediate family. I think it turned out really well for how many young children the photographer had to deal with. If you look really close you can see us on the top left.

And one of Henry. We aren't normally fans of the baby and parents' hands, but Henry turned out quite cute in this one. I just kind of wish our hands weren't in the picture, I think its kind of cheesy.

Don't be fooled by this incredibly cute picture of Henry, he has hit that stage where he is throwing absurd fits whenever and wherever he wants something. His shrieking may just be the end of me. I think the fits would be more manageable without the loud shreaks. Even in public, I am not embarassed by his behavior (he is 15 months old and this is hardly learned behavior) I am just terribly annoyed with the the noise! We are slowly working on a discipline plan to teach Henry that is is completely unacceptable. Hopefully he gets it someday, until then, I may need earplugs. We try and do outside things to help dissipate the noise he makes. Today we went to the Zoo. Henry loves the Zoo. We met friends from church there today and we took a picture of all the kids. Henry is in the blue stroller.

The other day I couldn't find Henry, I heard rustling in the back of my closet where I keep boxes/bags/etc. This is what I found. He was so happy back there I let him play for quite some time. The mess is totally worth the time it gives me to do other things.



These are some of the final pics from our trip home for Metta's wedding. This first one is of the sisters. I sometimes wonder what life would have been like with a brother. I think he would have thought that we were completely crazy- I am pretty sure our husbands sometimes think that, and even my dad.

This is Tanner, aka the great photographer. He took our family picture on the top of this page, and he did it for free! Henry loves him. So do we.

Our trip home also consisted of Henry popping out 4 large molars. Because he has never even so much as whined about his other 9 teeth coming through, we didn't ever think that maybe a little baby tylenol would help the little guy feel better. Oops. Good thing Leisy was there to drug him and help him feel better. Zeb and Henry did not do well on car rides together.
We also took family pictures with Taylor's fam. Henry did alright until about picture 71 which was a grandkids only picture- there are 25ish of them-I don't remember how many exactly. Poor kids. Maybe next time we should do the grandkids only pictures first. It was funny.

Every mom does kind of mean things to their children, like chasing them with vacuums or placing them next to large scary animals...we do lots of mean things to Henry. Like this picture below. I have been eying this dress at the BabyGap for quite sometime. I figure I will probably have a little girl someday, and if I don't, chances are one of my sisters will. Anyway, I thought this little dress was just really cute. And then it got marked down to $2.97- who can pass that up? I bought a couple. And then I tried them on Henry just to see if they fit. He is really cute. And speaking of mean things that aren't really that mean, Henry wouldn't eat his veggie burger earlier this week so I chopped it up in little pieces and mixed it with his peach yogurt. He had no idea, and he loved it.

And lastly, is my wonderful creation of the week. My sister posted this recipe on her blog awhile back, and I made it. It was delicious!!! If you like chocolate cake, this is the cake for you. I know I didn't make it very pretty, but my cake tray made it difficult. Here is the recipe if you want to try it http://kentandleisy.blogspot.com/2009/01/my-first-real-layered-cake.html I highly recommend it. I added a layer of ganache between the two cake layers and all over the outside before I put the buttercream frosting on. The ganache was just 1 cup of cream and a little less than a whole bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. You get the cream to just boling and then pour it over the chips and voila....ganache. I let it sit overnight before I did the frosting.


The trip home

Our trip to Utah was superb. Metta's wedding was a blast. It was a giant family reunion. When you live so far away from family, it is that much better when everyone gets together. We took a kajillion pictures, and had many adeventures, many of which I plan to post this week.

Everytime I go home I expect my little sisters to be the way they were when I was living at home in high school, and I am always shocked at how grown up they are. I am also always amazed at how beautiful they are...and I am slightly jealous. Here they are, Daysa is officially a cheerleader. Don't worry though, she is one of the talented ones, she doesn't just stand there and do spirit fingers, she is a tumbler...she flips and stuff.

And here is Metta. She looked wonderful on her wedding day.

I chopped my hair off. I am quite happy with it, however I think I wish I would have gone just a tad bit shorter.
Isn't he adorable? Thanks to Tanner for taking some killer pictures.


My camera cord is back, and we are back in Buffalo. Our trip to Utah was great, all except for the part where we had to sit with Henry on an airplane. Can I just say that he was awful?! We tried to drug him and it didn't really work. Anyway, I will blog about the trip home tomorrow, because I have to get all these other pictures on first. Here are our adventures at the County Fair...

And here we are at the mall fashion show. Henry was a hit.
He loved the cows at the county fair, until we tried to get him to stand next to one. I don't know why, but it is so much fun to tease and torment him.

Here he is at a comfortable distance.

And lastly, here is the little guy at a splah park we have here in Buffalo. These parks are amazing, because Henry can play in the water to his little heart's content and I don't have to worry about him drowning or getting away from me.