We had a wonderful thanksgiving, but unfortunately I didn't have my camera for much of the week, It is nearing the end of its life, and it rarely works like it is supposed to. All you blog readers are probably lucky it wasn't working well because otherwise you'd be getting pictures of our most adventurous thanksgiving event...Henry puking all over the floor at Dillards. We unfortunately got some nasty stomach virus and we all took our turn puking our guts out. Luckily it didn't hit till Friday, so we enjoyed thanksgiving dinner and fully digested it. We spent thanksgiving with our Ohio family- the Starkeys, and it was wonderful. We ate lots of food and shot guns. They told us it was a family tradition, so we gladly joined in. Turns out, I like to shoot guns. I even got to shoot an AK-47.
We also took a little trip to the imagination museum in Toledo. They had this circus exhibit, and my sister had raved about it, so we hooked ourselves up and flipped around. It was really funny. When Taylor got on, I think all the little kids thought he would go through the ceiling because he was so tall. I must say, he did get really close a few times. Henry thought the whole thing was a little strange. He seemed to be a little freaked out that we were flipping around in the air.


The little guy couldn't seem to get this piano working no matter what he did.


All I want for Christmas...

I saw these for sale in the Neiman Marcus catalog. I want one. It's a cupcake car. You can actually drive them around. Only $25,000.00. I want the pink one.

I walked in the kitchen the other day and found the fridge wide open with various condiments spread all over the floor. I then found this:
Henry had somehow gotten into the vegetable drawer, found his favorite food, and decided to eat it like an apple. Once he got through the skin he was in heaven. This kid LOVES avacados. When we walk past them at the grocery store he immeadiately starts screaming and yelping for one. Too bad they are so darn expensive. We try and ration him to 2 avacodos per week.
Henry woke up the other night with a very bad diaper rash, so I let him sit on the couch with me for a little while and watch the CMAs. Everytime someone performed he'd clap and clap. He watched them for 30 minutes straight without ever leaving the couch! I can't even get him to watch 5 minutes of sesame street.


It has been really warm and really busy around here- and we are happy as can be. On Saturday it was so nice we hooked up the new bike trailer and went for an extra long bike ride. It was wonderful. We just rode around the city. Henry loved the ride and just sat in the back and said, "weeee" for much of the ride. The weather has been soooo warm here. At first I was a little bugged, I really like cold weather, but I then realized how much money it is saving us by not having to turn on the heater yet, so I've decided to be happy about the warm weather until Thanksgiving.

Taylor decided to teach Henry about the laundry shoot this week, and he loves it! He wanders around the house gathering clothing and he begs to open the shoot. He has no idea where the clothes go, just that they disappear. Problem is, we don't use the laundry shoot because it goes to the same place as our landlord's shoot and I am just not into mixing dirty underwear. When we let him use it, Taylor always runs down to the basement to prevent intermixing.
We found a very old and freezer burned fudgesicle in the freezer this week. It wasn't really edible anymore so we fed it to Henry. He loved it.


Henry tried to bite his tongue off.

It's Tuesday and I am finally getting around to posting our Halloween picture...life is a little busy around here. We got our picture taken with Mayor Byron Brown. He seems to pop up at all our neighborhood events, I think it is because we live in a very politically active and signifigant neighborhood. This was at our neighborhood Halloween Party. Mayor Brown loved Henry the astronaut.

After the Parkside Party we had dinner with friends and then headed over to a fire station in the neighborhood that hosts a haunted house. We took turns watching the kiddos and being chased by chainsaws. We had a wonderful Halloween and Henry loved the trick-or-treating.
On Sunday Henry had a little mishap. We had the missionaries over for dinner and we were paying very little attention to the little guy who fell and bit his tongue...which bled profusely. It was awful, and I was really glad Taylor was there because I couldn't bare to look at it. He bit almost all the way through his tongue. And here is a picture I took this morning, it isn't nearly as bad as it was on Sunday, but you get the idea. It was so sad. Luckily soon after the incident I had to go to work so Taylor got to deal with the bleeding for the rest of the night. But don't worry...he is fine now. I don't think it hurts anymore, and luckily tongue wounds heal like magic, or so the internet says.
And lastly, our favorite find of the weekend was this lovely sign we saw taped in a car window at the store. You know, bumper stickers and strange political messages attatched to a persons car, always say a lot about a person...they mostly scream, "I am weird and crazy!" But the rest of us sure get a kick out of it. If this person were to park his/her car in our neighborhood, they would surely get their tires slashed. We decided that they must live in the suburbs...or in rural WNY. Thats where all the Republicans live. While we don't always agree with all the political ideals of the city dwellers here in Buffalo, we love where we live, and chatting politics and religion with our neighbors is always very interesting and it has given us a new perspective.