It's cold here and there is snow on the ground which is probably here to stay through February which means winter has finally arrived, and I kind of like it. The one bad part of it all is that Jack Frost decided to bring car troubles with him. And he decided to get both of our cars at once. My honda needs a new battery which we sadly discovered once I already had the kiddos buckled in, diaper bag packed, and ready to go play. Henry was devastated when I told him that the car was broken and that we couldn't go play, however I may have been more devastated at the fact that I wouldn't be leaving the house for the day. He just kept telling me that it needed new batteries. He was surprisingly right. Anytime something doesn't work he thinks new batteries will fix it. And our other car needs a new motor for the windshield wipers. Turns out that windshield wipers are a necessity for a Buffalo winter and we now get to buy a new motor...or never drive in a snow storm.

anyway....on to our crazy busy life. Thanksgiving was a blast. We went to Ohio again this year, and visited the Starkeys. The food was delightful but the company was even better. I love cousins.
I love this little girl. Don't you just want to squeeze her? I do it every day. And unfortunately for her Henry does too.

This kid is hysterical. I love that he talks. And I love the things he says. Like the other day when he told me that the flames on our gas stove are not dangerous, they are beautiful because they make blue fire. I explained to him that things can be beautiful but it doesn't mean they aren't dangerous and that we should NEVER touch fire no matter how beautiful it may seem. I also find myself arguing with him regularly. Who argues with a two year old? He drives me crazy sometimes. This is us waiting in line in the freezing cold to win $20 American Express giftcards the day after thanksgiving. It was a success and totally worth the freezing cold for $40. We took turns waiting across the street inside Barnes & Noble with all the kids so they wouldn't be hysterical. It was waaaay better than last year when Henry got sick and puked all over the floor and the perfume counter at Dillards.


I love free stuff.

My mother has been harassing me on facebook to post pictures of Milly on here. So here I am. But she is going to get some of Henry as well. This is Henry on our new couch. I have wanted a second couch or love seat since we moved here. I have been pestering Taylor about it for 2 years and this past week a friend of mine from work was moving out of her apartment last minute and had to get rid of her couch. She said I could have it if we could come get it, so we borrowed a truck from friends, and voila! A new and free couch. I am very excited. Taylor keeps telling me how glad he is that he never caved in and bought me one. I hate when he is right.
We went to Target to rummage through the clearance Halloween stuff and we found this treasure for $3. I was excited. As is evident in the picture below, Milly was not.
We went to the zoo last week with Henry's frenemies. I call them frenemies because they always seem to want to get together, but as soon as we do, they fight like crazy. It's really annoying. But seeing as how I immensely enjoy their mothers, we will continue to get together no matter how much they fight. This is at the zoo, it's the ghost of the dead elephant Buki. Kind of weird if you ask me.
Henry was trying to hide that he stole a cookie for breakfast out of the pantry. He forgot to hide the most important part.
And lastly, here is little Milly goat. I really think she looks like a boy. So do other people. Someone at the store the other day told Taylor that she really looks just like a boy. Who says that?


Candy! Candy! Candy!

We had a wonderful evening trick or treating with our kiddos. Henry was absolutely and utterly astonished at all the free candy at every doorstep. And for the first time in my life I realized what a bad idea trick or treating is. What 2 year old needs a giant bag of candy?! He woke up the next morning and ran into our room saying, "Candy! Candy! Where's my candy?!"
Here he is taking stock of his new treasures. We only went to ten or so houses. But no one could resist the hamburger with the french fry sister. She eats food now.
If you look really close, you'll see two little teeth on the bottom. They've pushed through.
I couldn't get her to take her hands out of her mouth to smile. They are in there constantly. She's adorable. I am obsessed.


Happy Halloween!!!

We had our annual Church Halloween Party. It was amazing as usual. The costumes are always incredible. And Milly's costume was a hit! Taylor and I made it from scratch! Pretty amazing if you ask me. I also took them to the mall to trick or treat today and strangers kept asking me if they could take pictures of her. I of course obliged. We got a ton of candy, and Taylor is currently eating it all while Henry sleeps.

We were a best friends locket.
And here is the obligatory picture of Milly for my mom.


We have the happiest baby around. Wow. I love her.
We've been trying to take more pictures around here so I can have something to blog about, but this is about all we have come up with. Our lives are pretty busy lately and therefore somewhat boring. School and work are hardly worth mention on my blog and that's what we do all day. The one other thing that takes up our time is Henry and the terrible twos. Wow. It's BAD. Today at church he screamed and hollered through much of the meetings. He even refused to go to nursery the last hour. He has never refused nursery. Anyway, as soon as church ended he freaked out. He started screaming and sobbing so I picked him up and walked him out to the parking lot. I realized that my keys were in the diaper bad so I grabbed him and plopped him on the trunk so I could dig them out, and a lovely older couple in our ward parked next to us, mistakenly thought I was going to put him in the trunk. It was pretty funny actually, and it wouldn't have been too bad of an idea if there hadn't been lots of people watching I may have actually done it. Anyway, needless to say, we've had a rough few weeks.
I told Henry & Taylor to make scary faces, this is what I got. They were trying to replicate the pumpkin face.
I love this picture because I feel like it captured Milly's concern over the size of the bow I put on her head.


It's been all together too long since we've blogged. I'm working 30+ hours a week and Taylor is busy with school. We also have two children, one of which is no longer the sweet semi-obedient two-year old that he used to be. These past few weeks have been crazy. Henry doesn't go to bed at night anymore without putting up a fight, and he no longer likes naptime. He is also unfortunately displaying these behaviors in public, and he is no longer threatened by timeout. He thinks timeout is funny. Anyone have any ideas??? Taylor had to lay down the law two nights ago and we had a hysterical screaming sobbing child in his room at bedtime for more than an hour. He is lucky we love him. Other than that, life is great. We love Milly. She is perfect for the time being and makes up for her brother's shortcomings. However, I am sure that she too will become a two year old at some point. It's pretty unavoidable. Until then, we are enjoying her perfectness. Here are a few pictures. She looks a lot like Henry did at this age...only smaller.

She sleeps really well. She is ticklish. She smiles a lot. She rarely fusses. She sleeps well. She hates her car seat. She doesn't take a binky! ugh. That is her one shortcoming. I sometimes wonder if I did something wrong while my children were in utero that brought upon this curse. She took it for a month or so, and now she sometimes gags when I put it in her mouth.
In the past few weeks we went apple picking, Henry still talks about it daily. Just this morning he woke up and told me he was leaving to go apple picking.
And this past weekend I was in a wedding. Congrats Ashley & Adam. It was loads of fun. Henry was a mini groomsman. I was a bridesmaid and we had a blast. And I got a new pair of really cute shoes. Here is Henry dancing the night away.
And here he is with the bride

And here we are at dinner. I forgot to take pictures of Milly. She was asleep in her carseat under the table most of the night. But she was cute as can be.


Canandaigua Lake

We live around so many beautiful and cool things here in Buffalo, but I feel like we never have the chance to go visit any of them because of our crazy schedules. I work every Saturday, and whenever Taylor has a day off of school I work and if I am not at work, Taylor is in school. Anyway, Sundays are the only day we can manage to find more than an hour or so to spend together. Today we headed off for a picnic and a nice drive to Canandaigua Lake (one of the finger lakes). It was wonderful and beautiful. (All except for the last twenty minutes where Milly was screaming and Henry was whining.) We drove the back roads route all the way home and drove through the historic villages and towns. The greenery was amazing and the houses were wonderful. New York is so much older than Utah and all the old houses and towns never cease to amaze me.
Some lovely British couple took this photo for us.

And of course, a Milly picture. Have I mentioned how wonderful she is? And cute?


Wegmans, Milly, & Dang good food

Wegmans just started selling their boneless skinless chicken breasts in sepearated packaging. I hate buying the big packs and touching all the raw meet to freeze them separately. I also don't like buying the already frozen chicken. Wegmans is truly amazing. I don't know if I can ever live without them. I love you Wegmans.
I am now posting pictures of Milly Goat for my sister. My family wants more pictures!! Here they are family. I really love this little girl. She might be the best baby ever. Soon after I took this picture, she slid over and banged her head. Sorry Milly.

I tried out the bouncer this week and she was a wee bit too small for it. But I think she actually enjoyed it. We have one that is for smaller babies but I couldn't find it...but once Taylor came home he got it out for me and now Milly happily bounces around.
Turns out my single jogging stroller doubles as a double stroller for trips to the zoo and the mall. Henry loves it and he has easy exit and entry to his seat. For a small moment I considered taking it jogging with him on the end but I quickly thought again. However...I could maybe tie him to it...what do you think? (Don't worry I won't really do it, he creates way to much drag)
And lastly, one more picture of Milly goat.
I lied. I have one more thing to share. I went to a little party today and the most delicious thing I have ever tasted was served. After I ate it, I realized that I could no longer eat lunch because it took way too many of my allotted calories for the day. But it was better than any lunch I could have eaten. I am including a picture and a link to the recipe. If you like chocolate chip cookies and brownies (both of which I love) your life will never be the same again. If you are on a diet, I highly recommend you don't make it. It's called a chocolate chip cookie dough brownie. You use a brownie mix and a batch of cookie dough. Don't be fooled by the picture...there are brownies involved, they are just on the other side. Here is the link: http://www.foodbuzz.com/blogs/2655269-chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-brownies


face plants and footed pajamas

We had the most fabulous labor day. The weather was cool and wonderful and the food fantastic. I love bbqs. I am going to miss hamburgers, hotdogs, & potato salad. Are you even allowed to eat potato salad in the winter? I don't think you are. Anyway, Henry probably would have enjoyed labor day more had he not fallen on his face. Here is the after shot. I am surprised he hasn't lost a tooth yet.
I think that footed pajamas are the greatest thing ever. These kids look so darn cute in them. At what age do they stop looking cute? It stops somewhere because I really don't think Taylor or myself would look all that cute in them.
I just love this little girl. I really hope she survives Henry and his antics. He drives trucks and cars all over her head, he head butts her regularly, and Taylor said that yesterday while I was at work he dragged her by her legs. Sorry little Milly. We really do try and stop him.
And lastly, this grosses me out:
It's a sweet potato we found in our pantry. I could barely touch it to take a picture. I just couldn't believe it grew so large.


Dear Summer: Please leave.

It's hot in Buffalo. Way too hot. And way too humid. If summer is ever going to come back this strong again, I must have central air. I am ready for Halloween, apple picking, lots of falling leaves, crisp cool air, & pumpkin cobbler. In the spirit of hoping for Halloween, we pulled out Henry's skeleton pajamas. (I don't actually think we ever put them away...he may have even worn them in february). Nonetheless....here's to hoping that fall is coming.

Henry also got a new bed this week thanks to some friends from church. He loves it. And he is adorable in it. And it's always full of cars and trucks.
I am also excited for fall to come because I just got myself one of these:
I love running in the cool air of fall. My old pink Ipod mysteriously stopped working a month ago and I cannot run a mile without one. I have been saving up my hard earned Gap points from work to buy it and it came in the mail this week. I am in love. It has a video camera...and a pedometer! It tells you how many calories you burn when you run. It's amazing.

And lastly, here is the little Milly Goat (that's what we call her) She is wonderful. She sleeps through the night on most nights, and she rarely cries. We are keeping her.