Ipod + toilet = bad

You may wonder what a toilet and Ipod touch have to do with each other in, and the answer is that they should NEVER have anything to do with each other, but unfortunately this week in the Hawes household, they were brought together for 3 LONG hours! I came home from work earlier in the week and found Taylor's Ipod touch in the toilet...we can only assume that it was Henry that had put it there sometime before he went to bed. The kid is very lucky we found it when he was already asleep. Waking him up to get mad at him would have only made our evening more miserable. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the Ipod cannot be salvaged. We tried the rice thing, but I think 3 hours was just way too long. When I pulled it out of the toilet, it was dripping water. Taylor is very sad, and Henry has no idea what he did. It's really quite frustrating, and kind of funny all at the same time.

On to happier things, we had a superb week which started out with a wonderful holiday. We went to the City science museum for the day, which we have now decided to make an annual Martin Luther King Day tradition (it's free on Civil Right's Day) The museum is really quite sad compared to others we have been to, but we got free tooth brushes, and Henry didn't seem to mind the shabbiness one bit, his favorite find of the day was this giant piece of petrified wood. I promise he really liked it, he only looks upset because I had just informed him that it was time to get down.

Taylor's favorite was the blocks. I had a hard time pulling him away.


For the love of vegetables

We all know we should eat more vegetables, and we all know how good they are for us. Vegetables prevent cancer, keep us healthy, they keep us regular, they are magic for your body. Why is it that they are so easy to hate? Last January Taylor and I made a New Year's Resolution to learn to like a vegetable that we we didn't like. Taylor chose sweet potatoes and I chose raw tomatoes (I love them cooked and in sauces, soups, etc) We learned to prepare them in new ways, and we had a pretty darn successful year. Taylor now asks for sweet potatoes on a regular basis, and just the other day at Subway, I asked for a (yes, only one) tomato slice on my Turkey sandwich. We have a new year ahead of us, and we have chosen our vegetables for the year. Taylor has chosen mushrooms (they aren't really vegetables, but Taylor already loves most veggies) and I have been oscillating between brussels sprouts or another year of tomatoes. I have a long way to go with fresh tomatoes. This past week we gave brussels sprouts a try, and turns out, I already love them! I had never had them before. I assumed since they were called sprouts that when you cut them open they were full of those nasty sprouts that people sometimes put on sandwiches...but I was wrong! Who knew that they are actually cute little cabbages? Taylor tells me that everyone knew...just not me. Anyway, it looks like this year might be year number two for fresh tomatoes. Good luck to me!
If any of you would like a delicious recipe for brussels sprouts, try this out: Cut them in half, toss them in olive oil, salt, & pepper, and bake them at 400 degrees for 30 minutes or until ready to eat.
Luckily Henry loves vegetables just as much as his father does. He doesn't need any New Year's Resolutions. We are very lucky parents that we got a kid that loves broccoli and asparagus. I attribute it to Taylor always feeding him veggies over fruit when he was just starting out. I've read that introducing them to veggies first doesn't really make much of a difference, but I let Taylor give it a try, and voila...we have a veggie lover. I don't think it can be entirely attributed to the exposure to veggies early on, but it may be a part of it. I was also reading a study about picky eaters the other day that stated the following, "Parents excessively concerned with food—whether positively or negatively—are more likely to have picky eaters. And those who harshly punish non-plate-cleaning children, or, at the other extreme, cater to the child by fixing them exactly what they request, exacerbate the situation." The article was very interesting, and I learned that moderation in all things is always the answer, even with vegetables! Go eat your vegetables!!!


These past few weeks have gone by in a blur. I am happy to have the holidays over, and to finally get sometime with Taylor again. It seems as though whenever one of us is home the other is at work, I don't think Henry thinks we live together anymore. He only sees one of us at a time. If I am home, Taylor goes off to work, if I work, Taylor stays with the rugrat. We both had an afternoon off this week and we headed to Ikea (it's in Canada, so we took a little road trip). It was so wonderful to spend time together.
Henry really hates sun in his eyes. It's hysterical. He shrieks and yells until its gone.
We left him in this little girl's room at Ikea for quite sometime...he was in love.

Did I mention that it has snowed a lot lately? All Henry wants to do is play outside. It's really cold...I really don't like it, but he just stands at the door all day and says, "go, go, go!" This weather really makes it hard to get out and do things, but we get sooooo bored inside all day. I think I may go crazy if I don't get out a little more. Thank heavens for the Gap, without it, Henry and I may not have made it this long together. Did I mention that Henry talks now? It's real cute. His current favorite word is happy.


Last week I had to go into the store Hot Topic. Before I finish this story, I would like all of you to know that #1 I didn't sell my soul as I walked in...it was a very quick trip and #2 I had to go in to get pennies. We were out of pennies at the Gap, and Hot Topic is right across the way. Hot Topic is not a store I frequent. Anyway, on to my story. As I made my way to the cash register, and two things happened: Number one, someone stopped me in my pink Gap scarf and sweater, and asked if I worked there...do I really look like someone who works at Hot Topic? My hair isn't black or spiked, I have no strange piercings, and no tatoos. I giggled. Then I looked up on the wall and realized they were selling drinkable blood...in a blood bag (you know the kind they use to take your blood when you donate). Who buys drinkable blood? Gross. I was a little freaked out. They had more than one blood type as well. ew. The woman at the counter told me it tasted the fruit punch. Fruit Punch flavored blood? Awful.
Anyway, I've included some pictures from our week. This first one is a mystery to me, how in the world does this kid get such a rat's nest of hair every morning when he wakes up? My hair doesn't do it, Taylor's doesn't either. His hair is like a brillo pad every morning .

Here is little Henry after a run. I discovered that three pair of gloves will actually keep his fingers warm for the duration of a run. i haven't yet discovered anything to keep his nose warm yet. Its like a little icicle when we get home.