Last week I had to go into the store Hot Topic. Before I finish this story, I would like all of you to know that #1 I didn't sell my soul as I walked in...it was a very quick trip and #2 I had to go in to get pennies. We were out of pennies at the Gap, and Hot Topic is right across the way. Hot Topic is not a store I frequent. Anyway, on to my story. As I made my way to the cash register, and two things happened: Number one, someone stopped me in my pink Gap scarf and sweater, and asked if I worked there...do I really look like someone who works at Hot Topic? My hair isn't black or spiked, I have no strange piercings, and no tatoos. I giggled. Then I looked up on the wall and realized they were selling drinkable blood...in a blood bag (you know the kind they use to take your blood when you donate). Who buys drinkable blood? Gross. I was a little freaked out. They had more than one blood type as well. ew. The woman at the counter told me it tasted the fruit punch. Fruit Punch flavored blood? Awful.
Anyway, I've included some pictures from our week. This first one is a mystery to me, how in the world does this kid get such a rat's nest of hair every morning when he wakes up? My hair doesn't do it, Taylor's doesn't either. His hair is like a brillo pad every morning .

Here is little Henry after a run. I discovered that three pair of gloves will actually keep his fingers warm for the duration of a run. i haven't yet discovered anything to keep his nose warm yet. Its like a little icicle when we get home.


brie said...

i laughed out loud when you said you didn't have to sell your soul to go into hot topic, because whenever i've gone in, i always whisper to myself, "leave your soul at the door, brie, so it shall remain intact."


Annie O said...

Laney, no one else has pennies except Hot Topic? What if one of your seminary kids saw you in there? Oh no!

Anyway, your hair used to do that when you were little. And Henry looks happy just to be out of doors and you're teaching him how to be disciplined even when it's not always pleasant. You're a good mother.

P.S. Don't forget to call Metta today.

Bean There...Done That said...

As Grandma Mac would say "his hair looks like the back end of a chicken in a wind storm".
Hank needs a nose warmer, they do make them. Really, they do.

Annie O said...


The next blog post needs to be all about your Masters thesis. What was the topic? Why did you choose it? What happens when you have to defend a thesis?

Come on, show the world what a smart girl I raised.