Ipod + toilet = bad

You may wonder what a toilet and Ipod touch have to do with each other in, and the answer is that they should NEVER have anything to do with each other, but unfortunately this week in the Hawes household, they were brought together for 3 LONG hours! I came home from work earlier in the week and found Taylor's Ipod touch in the toilet...we can only assume that it was Henry that had put it there sometime before he went to bed. The kid is very lucky we found it when he was already asleep. Waking him up to get mad at him would have only made our evening more miserable. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the Ipod cannot be salvaged. We tried the rice thing, but I think 3 hours was just way too long. When I pulled it out of the toilet, it was dripping water. Taylor is very sad, and Henry has no idea what he did. It's really quite frustrating, and kind of funny all at the same time.

On to happier things, we had a superb week which started out with a wonderful holiday. We went to the City science museum for the day, which we have now decided to make an annual Martin Luther King Day tradition (it's free on Civil Right's Day) The museum is really quite sad compared to others we have been to, but we got free tooth brushes, and Henry didn't seem to mind the shabbiness one bit, his favorite find of the day was this giant piece of petrified wood. I promise he really liked it, he only looks upset because I had just informed him that it was time to get down.

Taylor's favorite was the blocks. I had a hard time pulling him away.


Annie O said...

Wish we could have been there on CIVIL RIGHTS DAY with you! Looks like fun. Hey, don't forget this black bag full of papers---what do I do with it? Look at me---nagging by blog.

Kent and Leisy said...

is the city science museum a children's museum? or does it just have some children areas?? is it the buffalo museum of science? we need to go next time we come- our pass gets us in free! it looks like there's a dino exhibit that will be there in the summer.

Page said...

Laney, have you thought about coming to Kim's wedding? We all think you should.