These past few weeks have gone by in a blur. I am happy to have the holidays over, and to finally get sometime with Taylor again. It seems as though whenever one of us is home the other is at work, I don't think Henry thinks we live together anymore. He only sees one of us at a time. If I am home, Taylor goes off to work, if I work, Taylor stays with the rugrat. We both had an afternoon off this week and we headed to Ikea (it's in Canada, so we took a little road trip). It was so wonderful to spend time together.
Henry really hates sun in his eyes. It's hysterical. He shrieks and yells until its gone.
We left him in this little girl's room at Ikea for quite sometime...he was in love.

Did I mention that it has snowed a lot lately? All Henry wants to do is play outside. It's really cold...I really don't like it, but he just stands at the door all day and says, "go, go, go!" This weather really makes it hard to get out and do things, but we get sooooo bored inside all day. I think I may go crazy if I don't get out a little more. Thank heavens for the Gap, without it, Henry and I may not have made it this long together. Did I mention that Henry talks now? It's real cute. His current favorite word is happy.


Rachel said...

That hat on henry is killer cute. Ry has one of those too!

rawhide said...

super cute pictures of henry!!!!! i love his hat in the snow.

Annie O said...

He looks like a little Russian boy. And I'm not surprised that his favorite word is happy--he's such a happy kid.

XXOO to all and where's the blog about your Masters thesis?

Tanner Mills said...

i loved snow when i was little too!

ps dont let him ski too much in high school or else he might turn into a bum like me...just say'n.

yaya said...

That is the cutest yard art I've ever seen!

Kent and Leisy said...

you guys have waaay more snow than we do. have you had any snow days and had to cancel seminary yet?