This kid is in love with the shirt. He asks for the Tractor Shirt every day.

Today I went to one of the fancy schmancy private catholic schools here in Buffalo to talk to their "Religions of North America" class about Mormonism. They told me that I could bring Henry and that they would love it if I did, so I thought why not- nothing that awful could happen. Anyway, so I get there and of course they are all in love with Henry. He had a little stuffed whale and he kept taking it to all the girls desks and telling them about it. He was also rummaging round through papers, under the desks, etc. About 25 minutes into my spiel, I realize Henry is off in a corner. When he goes off into corners there are only a few things he can be doing, all of which are bad, and one of which is poop. Soon after, he runs to me and asks for me to hold him so I pick him up and realize he has explosive diarrhea which I can see on his back (luckily no one else can). I set him down a few moments later only to realize there is now liquid poop on my white sleeve! Luckily it was on my forearm and I could easily conceal it, and miraculously the poop smell wasn't yet radiating from him, but it was somewhat awful. Soon thereafter Henry redeemed himself when I started talking about prayer and he promptly folded his arms and closed his eyes for the class. It was adorable. And by the time 45 minutes was up, I was pretty sure no one noticed a thing. It truly was some sort of miracle that he didn't stink to high heaven. All in all it was a great experience. I really like teenagers.

We went to Toledo for the weekend for my birthday(and Leisy's too) and to go to the Gap Maternity there. We don't have one here, and I really needed some shorts and a few shirts. I was quite successful in my venture. We even got to go shopping without the Pikachu. Shopping and dinner were amazingly wonderful without little kids running rampant. We had a great weekend and Henry loved his cousins Zeb and Ike. It was totally worth the trip. We let Henry eat way too much junk and our last night there he threw up. It was a clear reminder to me that letting him eat all that garbage is never worth it, even if we are on vacation. I kind of felt bad like it was my fault. Luckily, he felt wonderful soon thereafter and slept for 3 hours on our way home!


How can daylight savings mess someone up so badly? Time changed by one hour, and I feel like I have lost days worth of sleep. I have been so tired I can't even see straight. I think it may have to do with the fact that I started out the weekend doing an inventory shift at the Gap and not getting to bed until three am on Friday. That combined with seminary, a sinus infection that sadly turned into an ear infection, and being with child, I should have known I stood no chance at beating daylight savings.
Henry spends most of his free time with these:

How can a little boy love cars, trucks, busses, and anything with a siren so much?

He thinks we can't see him.


I feel much better. Not 100% yet, but almost. I am however going to invest in the Neti pot or something similar. Has anyone ever tried it out? I hear glorious things about it but I am a little nervous to pour strange things into one nostril only to let them pour out the other. I think it may be worth it. Anyway, on to good news...This beauty came in the mail this past week. It's hard to see what it is from so far away, but every time I got close to snap a picture, it had a giant glare. Anyway-it's my thesis! Bound and beautiful. (I put it on the top of the book shelf for all to see):

Did I mention how hard it was to write a thesis? And have I mentioned how happy I am that it is all over?

We went to Toronto today for a little adventure and this is what we saw when we first pulled up in China town. I loved it. Right after I snapped this pic, the guy opened up the doors and the truck was FULL of pigs. They were walking them into a restaurant.
This was the front of the restaurant. My favorite was the bright orange squid type thing. China town was wonderful. I loved it. It was just like Hong Kong! The shopping, nasty smells, funny foods, etc.
I found this sign above a public toilet: (Why would they need a sign for this?)
Here is the one good pic of the three of us. Some nice man took it, but it was on portrait so it zoomed up on our faces instead of showing the whole place. So I put a pic of the city without us in it so you could experience Toronto too.

And lastly, here is a picture for my mom. She wants more pictures of Henry. Here is one of the little guy in one of those toys you pay $.75 to ride. He still doesn't know that they actually move if you add money.


I'm sick

I really want to blog...really, I do. But I can't. I am too sick. I started a post, and my pictures wouldn't post like they should and I nearly started crying so I stopped. Henry got me sick, and it turned into a sinus infection. Sinus infections make me want to die, I nearly did die at work tonight. What I really want are some good drugs to make the pain go away (like Excedrin), but Excedrin is on the "bad for pregnant women" list. I called and asked Leisy about it (her husband is in med school, so they know everything) and she told me just to take it. I think I will, but I am saving it for tomorrow during my nine hour shift at the Gap. I start to cry just thinking about how miserable I will be. Extra strength tylenol is a joke. If any of you have a little extra time in your prayers today, you can pray that I will feel better soon. Sinus infections should be against the law.


This little guy is really sick, and it's really sad. He wasn't sick when I took this picture in his new pajamas though (thus the smile). Aren't those PJs fantastic? Don't you just want to squeeze him? I do.
Henry has never really been sick before and I just hate it. He has a fever, cough, and sore throat. Last night we had to hold him down while we forced medicine down his throat. I wish he understood that it makes him feel better. Taylor also snuggled up with him this morning at 2:30 and they watched Cars together. It was kind of cute. And I was glad that Taylor told me I could go back to bed. He got a new haircut Sunday night, this is him making his happy face.
On Saturday night we went downtown to the "World's Biggest Ice Maze" it was wet and cold, and pretty fun. Guinness Book of World Records even certified it as the world's biggest.
This ice chair was in the center of the maze...it was COLD!