exploding potatoes and poop

It's been awhile. We have been busy. With 30 hours a week at work, and teaching seminary 4 days a week, plus trying to keep a 2 yr old happy, I haven't exactly made the time to sit down and blog. When Henry naps, I furiously clean the house and get things done, and when evening time comes if I am not at work until 10pm, I am in bed! Anyway, here is what we have been up to lately:

We went to the sesame street exhibit at the science museum here. Henry loved it

He especially loved the exhibit about digestion where it ends with a piece of giant poop and a farting noise. Gross. The whole time we were there he just kept asking to go back to the poop. I was kind of bothered by the whole thing. Henry thought it was hysterical.
He is also obsessed with cars, trucks, tractors, and emergency response vehicles (ambulances/fire trucks/police cars). This kid is 100% boy. He spends hours a day with these toys, and it makes me very happy.
Henry also has an unhealthy obsession with his sippy cups. He walks around with them in his mouth all day long, and only he decides when they come out. As can be seen, he even prays with them in.
Taylor ran his first half-marathon last week, here is the munchkin with his medal. Taylor says he ran it because he didn't want me to have one-up on him, I told him he had better start preparing for a full marathon as well. And that I will always have one-up on him since I have birthed a child.
We also learned that if you forget to poke holes in your potatoes before you bake them, they will explode and make your oven very very messy.


Kent and Leisy said...

so, it's time to stop making comments about how my children look goofy. they are half you after all.

with henry's poop fascination has he started potty training yet?

I think that your oven is broken. or maybe you got non idaho potatoes or something. I've NEVER seen that happen and I've forgotten to poke holes plenty of times.

Lindsay said...

Haha, I love you guys! I can literally hear the conversation in my head about one-upping each other. :)

Annie O said...

Amen on holding the "I've birthed your child" over your husband's head. And THANK YOU for blogging again--I've been checking back DAILY since the last blog on April 21.

See you soon!

P.S. to Leisy's comment about the potatoes and try wrapping them in foil and then if they do explode they're fully contained.


Lindsay said...

You may have wanted to title this post "Poop and Exploding Potatoes" because on first reading I thought that both items were exploding. Unless you did it on purpose?? Either way, I'm glad for you that was not the case. :P

sam and brittney said...

That pic with Henry with the sippy cup and praying is too funny!!

Cher said...

Still LOLing about Henry praying with the sippy cup! WOW he is hilarious! I am with Lindsay, I thought the poop would be exploding... glad that wasn't the case!

Steve and Hailey said...

I love the blog title! That is great! Digestion is totally miraculous and we're all grateful for it. How are you standing by the end of the week? Thirty hours! I hope you wear really comfy shoes. I'm no where near the half marathon, but I actually ran nearly six miles on Saturday and I felt great. My knees were giving me trouble so I've been doing different strength training, compression etc and they pulled through perfectly! Hooray. You totally inspire me. I never thought I would enjoy running.

Rachael said...

Oh, that is a funny picture of Henry praying with the sippy cup in his mouth!! And the one of the medal choking him is nice, too. I wish we were closer - Carver would love to play garbage truck with him and show off some of his big nasty burps. :)