Fire trucks

We went to the fire station this past week for playgroup. Henry couldn't have been happier, especially since they let the kids climb around on them and in them. Henry kept trying to buckle himself in and drive away. He kept saying, "ready, ready, drive, drive." He was very sad when he realized that we weren't actually going to take a ride.

When I put Henry in the driver's seat, the fire chief said to make sure Henry didn't push the buttons. I told him I'd watch Henry, but heaven knows he touched all sorts of buttons. I just giggled and hoped he didn't do any real damage. Those fire trucks cost $550,000 a pop. I asked.
And Henry's most adorable new habit...walking around with his hands in his pockets. He was doing it the other day with his hands in his jean pockets and he fell over, it was really quite amusing. When you don't have any hands to break your fall, it makes for quite the landing- he just kind of rolled around.


Jason & Shannon said...

That's so cute! That would be cool to sit in the front of a fire engine! What a lucky kid.

Annie O said...

Yay! More pix of Henry! And tomorrow I'll be able to take all the pix of Henry I want (and hopefully Zeb and Ike). I'll see you tomorrow.

Rachel Price said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Henry is SO stinking cute!

Kent and Leisy said...

We collectively agree that you have been a bad bad blogger lately. Full-time job, fetus, Henry... blah blah blah! No excuse!