We have no idea what to name our child...

This child is coming very soon, and it may have no name.

We are having a baby in 3 1/2 weeks and we have no idea what to name it. We have some names discussed but neither Taylor nor myself feel really strongly about any of them, and we have hesitations about all of them. I really don't know what we are going to do. We already took a long stroll and many drives through my favorite cemetery looking for names, we've searched books and lists, we gone through our family history. I just don't think I can do it. Every time I think I like a name, I find a reason not to like it. This baby may go nameless.

This week I took a very serendipitous trip to the library. I was actually on my way to get my blood drawn and the place was closed so I took a little stroll into the library next door where to my delight, they were having a book sale. This book sale wasn't just any book sale, it was a "Fit as many books as you can into a plastic bag for $1" book sale. I scoured through my bag and found a little over $2, and I went to town. The only adult books they had were those strange romance novels with creepy covers, but there were plenty of children's books to choose from. I could have stayed all day. I came home with all of these (I was very happy):


Nate and Jessica said...

No way! Gold mine! Cant help you with the name...I'm having problems myself.

Lindsi said...

I'm a bad friend because I don't know if your having a boy or a girl or if you don't know the sex. I'm just returning to the blog reading, forgive me. Whatever sex it is though just name it Lindsi. It's a good idea.

Also, why wasn't I ate that book sale?!?!?!?! I love children's books! Man.

Annie O said...

Way to shopper! You have my genes--I love to collect books.

The baby name is decided:

#1 Girl Choice (and the child gets college paid for by Nannie Annie): Inge (and you can add or not add the borg)

#2 for a girl: Tennyson

#1 boy: Harold
#2 boy: Alastair

Done! P.S. How are you feeling?

Kent and Leisy said...

she baby = temperance. call her tempe.
or if it's a he baby- name him
louis. I love that name. or lincoln.

Rachel said...

I have a friend who couldn't decide on the baby's name even after she was born. So they called her "Baby" for the first month of her life.

Erin said...

India votes Kathy, Cummons, or Kybo, which are 3 reasons children should not have and name children.

Ammon votes Ammon.

And I vote Tate or Athena.

Kent and Leisy said...

i really like the name athena!

Steve and Hailey said...

No fair! You seem to find the most amazing deals and garage sales for that matter! I can't wait to meet the newest Hawes. So you could name the baby Excaliber. It's a strong name and it's inspired by the cutest x-ray of a baby I have ever seen. Of course I'm sure your baby is a girl and so in that case you can name her Callie. It's chic and sweet and simple! Perfect I've now named your baby....give me your books! It's a trade! :)

Erin said...

ps - India LOVED "my truck is stuck" book. except the first time we read that line, she said, "oh damn. damn, damn, damn." her mommy is watching her mouth so much more.

good luck with baby #2! i wonder if you'll be kick boxing again ;)

Susan said...

Super score on the books! The book sales at the Sp. Fork Library aren't that great.
Kenny and I are in the same boat about baby names. He likes one, I veto it and vice versa. Oh well, something will come to us, I hope. Good luck!

yaya said...

You may not read this in time...but just in case:here are names I wish I had used:
1.Pork Chop 2.Mollasas 3.Moonshadow
Names from kiddos having surgery that I hated:1.Harliss George 2.Blitz

abbyjane said...

it doesn't really need a name until you give it a blessing. and really it doesn't really NEED a name until school.

(can i call it 'it' still? we don't know boy or girl, right?)

Kent and Leisy said...

what about "hudson" for a boy?

autumnbottom said...

Hudson Hawes? A little too close to "Hudson Hawk" :)

Since you went "classic" with Henry I say stick with it. Samuel, Spencer, Clark, Noah or James. For a girl something with a bit of old Hollywood flair like Vivian, Bess, Georgia, or Violet.

Naming people, so much fun!