Daysa arrived Wednesday night to relieve me of single parenthood. I don't think I could have taken one more hour of it. I have a whole new admiration for single parents. Granted it may be somewhat easier when you don't have a two year old who demands A LOT of attention and a three week old that has to be fed every two hours, but I nearly lost it. Poor Henry has definitely seen the very worst of me this week. Anyway...it's over. Daysa arrived with this mat that Taylor's mom sent for Henry. This is him at 11pm the night Daysa arrived. We probably should have waited until the morning to show him. He slept with it in his crib.

Daysa even took Henry to the zoo for the afternoon. I met them there after feeding Milly and doing some laundry.

I saw this man riding the carousel with his granddaughter and it made me chuckle. The man looked like an old Drew Carey and he was just so darn big on that horse. I had to take the picture.
And lastly is a very gross picture. When Milly was born the nurses decided to give us the section of her umbilical cord that had the knot in it. They told us that they weren't really supposed to but if we hid it in our bag we could take it home. I kind of felt bad saying no, it is after all a piece of me and Milly, so we agreed, and Taylor took it home and stuck it in the fridge. The nurse mentioned that we could plant it in our garden or something- I guess people do that with placentas and such. Anyway, that was more than three weeks ago. Last night I was cleaning out the fridge and I found it. Gross. I had forgotten all about it. I surely wasn't going to go dig a hole in our landlady's garden and bury it, so I took a picture of it to share here on the blog and I chucked it in the garbage. Good bye umbilical cord.


This baby is starting to have more and more cute moments. She is also very well and even tempered...I think she gets that from her father.

We drove to Palmyra on Friday evening for the Hill Cumorah Pageant. I love going. It isn't really the pageant that I love, it's the whole experience and being outside with lots of people and seeing friends and eating good food. I love a good church party. We took this lovely family photo, and then realized that you couldn't see Milly in it. She was in the stroller and we weren't about to wake her up for a photo. We got home at 1:00am and then I had to wake up at 4:30 to take Taylor to the airport. ew. He left for Utah where we will soon be joining him. It has only been two days without him and I am already sick and tired of being a single parent. It's a lot of work. On Saturday night I went to the grocery with Milly and Henry, and I may never go back again without Taylor. I sure hope this two kid thing gets easier or I may have to give one of them away.

On Friday we went to the country's second largest Italian Festival. It's just up the street from where we live. There was this giant replica of the Trevi Fountain. It was actually kind of cool and had it not been for the run down mechanic shop in the background, it may have made me feel like we were in Rome. Nonetheless, Henry couldn't have been happier to throw money into it.

And lastly, I saw this the other day and I had to take a picture. Every time Henry hears a police/ambulance/fire truck siren he immediately stops whatever it is he is doing and runs to the front window to catch a glimpse of the vehicle zooming by. It's actually really cute, and it happens a few times a day, this day, he had been on the toilet when he heard the siren coming. The hard part is when he doesn't get to the window in time to see it go by, tears normally ensue and we have to assure him that there will be another one soon. I must admit it is really sad to see his little eyes fill with tears as he cries, "I missed it! I missed it!"


I have been trying to take some good pictures of Milly to post, but she is always sleeping or making funny faces. She still has that squishy/funny newborn look, and it isn't always cute. And I don't want to post any ugly pictures, so these will have to suffice.
This is pretty much all little Milly does all day (I just love how she pulls her little legs up underneath herself like a little bug). She also poops a lot. Wow. We have already gone through a lot of oxyclean to try and keep the stains out of her clothes and blankets. Henry wasn't nearly as bad.
Henry and I played outside yesterday because it was so darn hot, Milly didn't much like the heat wave either, and just sprawled out on her blanket. Henry only tried to spray her with the hose twice.
We got this little pool from cousin Hailey & Jack when Henry was brand new, and Henry loves it! It's perfect for the little smidgen of grass in our back yard.

Every night Henry asks to go to bed with his cars and trucks. And almost every night we find them all lined up. It's adorable. He is obsessed.


Family of Four

Here is baby Milly on our way home from the hospital. She was an easy delivery, although she came a little faster than I would have hoped. My sister Leisy warned me not to wait too long to go to the hospital with contractions in case you get there too late for an epidural. Let's just say I barely made it and she was born only 30 or so minutes after I got that epidural but those thirty minutes were a glorious thirty minutes. Some may wonder if it's even worth it at that point, and I say IT IS! I had forgotten how badly it hurts to have a baby-how is it that I could possibly forget that pain? I hope to never get all the way to a nine again without an epidural. I really wanted to die for a little bit. It's amazing the kinds of things you think about when you are in that much pain, and, how cranky you can be (sorry Taylor). Anyway, when we left the house my contractions were a wonderful 7 minutes apart, and I wasn't even sure I was in real labor, but by the time we made it to our friends house to drop off Henry, they were a little over two minutes apart and I was going to die. By the time we got to the hospital (at 3:15), the time between the contractions felt like nothing and Taylor rushed me to labor and delivery with tears streaming down my face in a wheelchair. At this point, the tears weren't because of the pain, but mostly because I hate having babies and I knew I had to have one soon. Once I got situated the dang nurses wouldn't let me have an epidural until I filled out all the paper work and gave a blood sample. Taylor filled out the paperwork and answered all the questions, while I felt really bad feelings toward the nurses for not calling the anesthesiologist yet. He soon arrived, and by 5 o'clock it was all over, and we had a little girl.
This is kind of a funny picture of the little squirt, but I love it. She is just so darn little. I had forgotten how much newborn babies remind me of E.T.
Here is a crying picture. She actually rarely cries. And she sleeps at night like a champ. She is a way better baby than Henry was, or maybe we are just a little less freaked out to have a new baby in the house. Regardless, this time around is much better.
Henry seems to be adjusting well to Milly, however, he doesn't seem to be adjusting well to us. He is driving us bonkers. He whines a lot and yells. And he has been throwing fits like we have never seen before. However, on a positive note, he hasn't reverted back to diapers. People warned us that the potty training would go out the window with a new sibling, but it hasn't! Hooray for Henry! Actually, hooray for Taylor for potty training him last month.
It's true what they say, your older child seems HUGE when a new one comes along. Henry is now a giant.
I just had to include a picture of the most beautiful flowers I have ever received. My friend Joanna brought them to me in the hospital and I am now a lover of hydrangeas. Who knew they were so beautiful?
And lastly, here we are at the fireworks on Sunday evening: a family of four. Henry loved the fireworks, and Milly slept through them.


After much deliberation, Milly stuck. We are quite happy with the name and even happier with the way Henry says it. It sounds like Meelee. He is handling the newest addition to our family fairly well. We're home from the hospital and doing well.

Milly is the first granddaughter on Laney's side and the twelfth granddaughter on Taylor's side. The doctors were impressed with her intelligence, beauty, and charm already. We, of course, weren't surprised by this. She naturally takes after her parents.