I have been trying to take some good pictures of Milly to post, but she is always sleeping or making funny faces. She still has that squishy/funny newborn look, and it isn't always cute. And I don't want to post any ugly pictures, so these will have to suffice.
This is pretty much all little Milly does all day (I just love how she pulls her little legs up underneath herself like a little bug). She also poops a lot. Wow. We have already gone through a lot of oxyclean to try and keep the stains out of her clothes and blankets. Henry wasn't nearly as bad.
Henry and I played outside yesterday because it was so darn hot, Milly didn't much like the heat wave either, and just sprawled out on her blanket. Henry only tried to spray her with the hose twice.
We got this little pool from cousin Hailey & Jack when Henry was brand new, and Henry loves it! It's perfect for the little smidgen of grass in our back yard.

Every night Henry asks to go to bed with his cars and trucks. And almost every night we find them all lined up. It's adorable. He is obsessed.


Jason & Shannon said...

What a smart kid. Millie is adorable, I love the pictures.

Jason & Shannon said...

Woops, *Milly is adorable!

Annie O said...

But the pooping has got to be better than the constant spitting up--that was gross.

Can't wait to see Milly in a few weeks! She is so cute in these pix.

xoxo to all of you.

Nannie Annie

Kent and Leisy said...

I think henry didn't poop because he threw it all up! I like henry's pool picture.

Page said...

Congrats you guys! I love the name. My grandmother's name was Mildred, and she told everyone to please never name a child after her, because really who wants to be named Mildred? But I think naming a girl Milly would be a good way to still honor her but avoid the name Mildred. So if I ever use that name, sorry but I am not copying you.