This baby is starting to have more and more cute moments. She is also very well and even tempered...I think she gets that from her father.

We drove to Palmyra on Friday evening for the Hill Cumorah Pageant. I love going. It isn't really the pageant that I love, it's the whole experience and being outside with lots of people and seeing friends and eating good food. I love a good church party. We took this lovely family photo, and then realized that you couldn't see Milly in it. She was in the stroller and we weren't about to wake her up for a photo. We got home at 1:00am and then I had to wake up at 4:30 to take Taylor to the airport. ew. He left for Utah where we will soon be joining him. It has only been two days without him and I am already sick and tired of being a single parent. It's a lot of work. On Saturday night I went to the grocery with Milly and Henry, and I may never go back again without Taylor. I sure hope this two kid thing gets easier or I may have to give one of them away.

On Friday we went to the country's second largest Italian Festival. It's just up the street from where we live. There was this giant replica of the Trevi Fountain. It was actually kind of cool and had it not been for the run down mechanic shop in the background, it may have made me feel like we were in Rome. Nonetheless, Henry couldn't have been happier to throw money into it.

And lastly, I saw this the other day and I had to take a picture. Every time Henry hears a police/ambulance/fire truck siren he immediately stops whatever it is he is doing and runs to the front window to catch a glimpse of the vehicle zooming by. It's actually really cute, and it happens a few times a day, this day, he had been on the toilet when he heard the siren coming. The hard part is when he doesn't get to the window in time to see it go by, tears normally ensue and we have to assure him that there will be another one soon. I must admit it is really sad to see his little eyes fill with tears as he cries, "I missed it! I missed it!"


Annie O said...

Milly's eyes are huge! She is adorable and Henry's cheeks are precious!

Hold out for Daysa--she'll be there Wed night and don't give any children away.

Love ya,

Nannie Annie

Anne Hawes said...

Are these not the cutest kids? I concur with your Mom...don't give any away. We are exited to see all of you together. Taylor misses YOU and your beautiful children...feels like he is only half a person without you.

Grannie Anne

Kent and Leisy said...

the grocery store only gets worse. once milly can try and climb out of the cart it becomes impossible. Some lady at the grocery store this morning just unloaded my cart onto the belt for me because I was wrestling children. checkout is the worst. Ike was chucking cans of beans and zeb was trying desperately to get to the credit card machine to push buttons. they were both yelping, too.

Nate and Jessica said...

Yeah, hate taking the kids to the store. If I am full on shopping I go at night!

Jeff and Whitney said...

That last picture is awesome. What a cute, funny kid. I am so excited to see you guys. I hate it when Jeff is gone and that is just me. I can't imagine having him gone AND having two kids! Props to you!

yaya said...

Milly is the cutest! And I love the last pic of Henry...save it to show his first girlfriend..he'll love you for it. Trust me.