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Home to Buffalo.

We are home! Our trip home wasn't quite as bad as I'd imagined. We all got a little bit of sleep on the plane. We were sad to leave, and we will greatly miss all the free babysitting, the family time, the mountains, seeing old friends, and Henry is going to miss getting anything he wanted from his grandpa. But, we are also glad to be home in our own beds! We had a fantastic nights sleep last night, mostly because we were so tired but also thanks to Milly who slept through the night! She slept 9 hours! Thank you Milly!!!! Here are a few last pictures from Utah.
Here Milly is on blessing day. She was a peach. And I love her dress! I got it at the Gap for $4- it was quite the deal. I had been eyeing it for months...but I promised myself I wouldn't buy it until I found if I was in fact having a girl. The waiting paid off- it was originally $34.50!
I've posted this picture to show Leisy (my sister) that Milly does smile. It's kind of a funny looking picture but Leisy assured me that she posts funny looking pictures of her kids all the time.
Here is my dear little sister Daysa...who loves to tease Henry incessantly. We went to her first football game of the season the night we left Utah. Henry loved it.
Henry is really going to miss "the cousins" as he referred to them. He loved every moment of them. He also loved that when he was with them we let him stay up waaaaay past bedtime, we let him eat all the ice cream and treats his little heart desired, and as evidenced below, we let him run around in his underwear.

One morning I found him outside like this in my parents backyard. I think this picture was taken before 8 AM and that water was darn cold. But he was just so happy to be out there that I let him stay.
And lastly here is little Milly with some of her girl cousins. They loved her. I found them all surrounding her talking to her and begging to hold her. She got held A LOT while we were home and she was spoiled rotten. Taylor informed me today that this week she is going to learn to "cry it out". I support him in that decision.



Henry thinks Utah is pronounced Nootah. So whenever we ask him where we are that is his response. Anyway, that is where we currently reside...Utah. But only for a few more days. Taylor's last minute internship is ending and school is starting, so we return to Buffalo Saturday morning. Our flight leaves SLC at 12:47am. Gross. And we fly through Atlanta. Grosser. It may be the longest ten hours of our lives. At least I have Taylor with me to take care of Henry & Milly. Anyway- here are some of our pictures from our trip.
Henry and I took a little trip to the "world's largest dinosaur museum" I lovedthis giant shark! Henry isn't smiling because I had just told him that if he didn't sit still for the picture, the shark would eat him. I think he was actually a little bit scared. And here is a picture of Milly- she is growing up- and filling out. And she really is getting cuter and cuter. Taylor and I were worried for awhile. She looked like a boy in girl clothes and she had soooo many baby zits.

We were lucky enough to be around for Taylor's family get together in Idaho- Henry never knew he had so many cousins- he is number 23 on Taylor's side. We tried to teach him everyone's names but after awhile he resorted to calling them all "cousin." This is a view from Taylor's grandma's backyard. It's right on the river and it was great. Henry even went on his first float down the snake river. I think it is a rite of passage when you have family from Idaho. Taylor and I both grew up doing it.
I love this picture of Milly- she is making a monster face of some sort. I think she was probably thinking, "why are you always buckling me in this giant contraption?"