Canandaigua Lake

We live around so many beautiful and cool things here in Buffalo, but I feel like we never have the chance to go visit any of them because of our crazy schedules. I work every Saturday, and whenever Taylor has a day off of school I work and if I am not at work, Taylor is in school. Anyway, Sundays are the only day we can manage to find more than an hour or so to spend together. Today we headed off for a picnic and a nice drive to Canandaigua Lake (one of the finger lakes). It was wonderful and beautiful. (All except for the last twenty minutes where Milly was screaming and Henry was whining.) We drove the back roads route all the way home and drove through the historic villages and towns. The greenery was amazing and the houses were wonderful. New York is so much older than Utah and all the old houses and towns never cease to amaze me.
Some lovely British couple took this photo for us.

And of course, a Milly picture. Have I mentioned how wonderful she is? And cute?


Tasha said...

I've always wanted to see that lake!

Annie O said...

Wonderful except for the last 20 screaming minutes. But she is cute. I almost bought her some Uggs but your dad restrained me. Maybe for Christmas.

Retro Plants said...

we are the SAME way!
never enough time to see all the wonders that Western New York has to offer. . . when we return home people are like "what fun things have you done there!?!". . . and we are like "nothing." :)
we HAVE to visit these lakes someday though. . . but tell me honestly Laney. . . how far of a drive is it!?!
with two kids!
you guys are brave :)

p.s. both your kids are adorable!!!

Tanner Mills said...

henry does yoga?

Mel said...

Love love love the picture of Henry on the rocks. You guys are such a cute family!

Erin said...

You look so dang good Laney! And your kids are adorable!