Wegmans, Milly, & Dang good food

Wegmans just started selling their boneless skinless chicken breasts in sepearated packaging. I hate buying the big packs and touching all the raw meet to freeze them separately. I also don't like buying the already frozen chicken. Wegmans is truly amazing. I don't know if I can ever live without them. I love you Wegmans.
I am now posting pictures of Milly Goat for my sister. My family wants more pictures!! Here they are family. I really love this little girl. She might be the best baby ever. Soon after I took this picture, she slid over and banged her head. Sorry Milly.

I tried out the bouncer this week and she was a wee bit too small for it. But I think she actually enjoyed it. We have one that is for smaller babies but I couldn't find it...but once Taylor came home he got it out for me and now Milly happily bounces around.
Turns out my single jogging stroller doubles as a double stroller for trips to the zoo and the mall. Henry loves it and he has easy exit and entry to his seat. For a small moment I considered taking it jogging with him on the end but I quickly thought again. However...I could maybe tie him to it...what do you think? (Don't worry I won't really do it, he creates way to much drag)
And lastly, one more picture of Milly goat.
I lied. I have one more thing to share. I went to a little party today and the most delicious thing I have ever tasted was served. After I ate it, I realized that I could no longer eat lunch because it took way too many of my allotted calories for the day. But it was better than any lunch I could have eaten. I am including a picture and a link to the recipe. If you like chocolate chip cookies and brownies (both of which I love) your life will never be the same again. If you are on a diet, I highly recommend you don't make it. It's called a chocolate chip cookie dough brownie. You use a brownie mix and a batch of cookie dough. Don't be fooled by the picture...there are brownies involved, they are just on the other side. Here is the link: http://www.foodbuzz.com/blogs/2655269-chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-brownies


Retro Plants said...

too funny!
we just got into buying those Wegman's chicken breasts too!
i hear sista. . . i don't like touching no raw chick!!!

your tots are SOOO cute. . . and Milly is getting BIG!

can i please have seconds. . . and thirds. . . and the whole PAN of those chocolate chip brownie things!
holy chocolate.
i want one! like, right now! ;)

Kent and Leisy said...

millie in the jumperoo is hysterical. she looks a lot like henry shmenry there. and ws the frosting on those treats delicious? is it frosting or gnachey stuff? I need to make that.

Annie O said...

If there hadn't been a post today about Milly and Henry i was going to yell at you via Comments.

Thanks for the pix. Milly is so cute and she has the longest skinniest legs! I love the big head skinny legs in the bouncer pic.

Jason & Shannon said...

That brownie cookie looks soooooo good!!! The pictures are so cute!

Kent and Leisy said...

how come I can't remember how to spell your daughter's name?

Laney said...

I wondered the same thing Leisy. And the frosting is ganache. It's really in the top five best desserts I have ever had. It might be top three. I can't even think of a top one or two.

Amy and Craig said...

I'm also obessed with those brownies! I discovered them a couple years ago at book club. what could be better? chocolate chips cookies, brownies and ganache? no need to make choices, it's all in one!