Happy Halloween!!!

We had our annual Church Halloween Party. It was amazing as usual. The costumes are always incredible. And Milly's costume was a hit! Taylor and I made it from scratch! Pretty amazing if you ask me. I also took them to the mall to trick or treat today and strangers kept asking me if they could take pictures of her. I of course obliged. We got a ton of candy, and Taylor is currently eating it all while Henry sleeps.

We were a best friends locket.
And here is the obligatory picture of Milly for my mom.


Annie O said...

She is the CUTEST baby ever. Can't wait to see her. And the costumes are darling--you are so clever and crafty--look at you, the quintessential Molly Mormon.

Nate and Jessica said...

Dont you love those bouncers? Costumes rock.

Katie said...

These are the coolest kids costumers--ever... Well done!

Britta said...

Ha! I missed Milly's french fries costume - what a cutie! Your blog is so funny to read because I can literally hear your voice saying everything you type...it's just YOU. Too funny. You guys are great.