Candy! Candy! Candy!

We had a wonderful evening trick or treating with our kiddos. Henry was absolutely and utterly astonished at all the free candy at every doorstep. And for the first time in my life I realized what a bad idea trick or treating is. What 2 year old needs a giant bag of candy?! He woke up the next morning and ran into our room saying, "Candy! Candy! Where's my candy?!"
Here he is taking stock of his new treasures. We only went to ten or so houses. But no one could resist the hamburger with the french fry sister. She eats food now.
If you look really close, you'll see two little teeth on the bottom. They've pushed through.
I couldn't get her to take her hands out of her mouth to smile. They are in there constantly. She's adorable. I am obsessed.


HowellAZ said...

Those costumes really are fantastic! Great job making them, and I also love the best friend locket idea. Too fun!

Kent and Leisy said...

milly looks a lot like you in those pics. she is pretty stinking cute! but I know you hid her from the blog for her ugly months!!

Retro Plants said...

LOVE the costumes woman. . . you know that!!!
Milly is such a french fry! (^0^)

Amy and Craig said...

she's so cute! I can't wait to see her when we're together at Thanksgiving!

Rachel said...

I want to squeeze her.