I love free stuff.

My mother has been harassing me on facebook to post pictures of Milly on here. So here I am. But she is going to get some of Henry as well. This is Henry on our new couch. I have wanted a second couch or love seat since we moved here. I have been pestering Taylor about it for 2 years and this past week a friend of mine from work was moving out of her apartment last minute and had to get rid of her couch. She said I could have it if we could come get it, so we borrowed a truck from friends, and voila! A new and free couch. I am very excited. Taylor keeps telling me how glad he is that he never caved in and bought me one. I hate when he is right.
We went to Target to rummage through the clearance Halloween stuff and we found this treasure for $3. I was excited. As is evident in the picture below, Milly was not.
We went to the zoo last week with Henry's frenemies. I call them frenemies because they always seem to want to get together, but as soon as we do, they fight like crazy. It's really annoying. But seeing as how I immensely enjoy their mothers, we will continue to get together no matter how much they fight. This is at the zoo, it's the ghost of the dead elephant Buki. Kind of weird if you ask me.
Henry was trying to hide that he stole a cookie for breakfast out of the pantry. He forgot to hide the most important part.
And lastly, here is little Milly goat. I really think she looks like a boy. So do other people. Someone at the store the other day told Taylor that she really looks just like a boy. Who says that?


Erin said...

Yay for freebies! And cute babies! And other moms who don't get mad when your kids just seem to fight all the time!

That hotdog costume is hilariously horrid. But Milly and Henry are still just adorable.

Jason & Shannon said...

That couch looks really comfortable! I love that Henry is hiding his face and holding the cookie up, haha. Love the hotdog picture! It reminds me of A Christmas Story, where the kid can't put his arms down in his snowsuit.

Annie O said...

Yes! You posted! I love the new couch--it's brown. How did you get in? Did you load it on to the roof of the truck and then lift it up to the second story window?

I'll take pix of Henry any day. Give him XXOOs from Nannie Annie.

And Milly looks like an adorable little girl--who tells a person that their little girl looks like a boy? Must have been a NY liberal who wants to be PC.

And is that Milly as a hotdog? No wonder she's crying. I'd stop with the food costumes--you don't want to give her a food complex!

See you in a few weeks.


Annie O said...

P.S. Don't let Henry eat cookies on the new couch!

Philip Oswald said...

Well, People may tell you Milly looks like a boy but you and Leisy were accused of looking like a cross between Yoda and the late President Kimball. This at about the same age.

Wanamakers said...

First, your kidos are very cute. Your Milly needs to meet our Millie some day.

Is that really a ghost of the dead elephant? That is really, really, really funny. Is there one of the dead giraffe too?

Nate and Jessica said...

She does not look like a boy. People keep asking me if Emmy is a boy or a girl though. Love you.

Kent and Leisy said...

that elephant is crazy creepy. weird weird weird.

Amy and Craig said...

Taylor totally had the frenemies thing going on. A love/hate relationship with his friends. I don't think Milly looks like a boy in the last pic. People will say and do the dumbest things. Ask me about Sophie at Sams club sometime.

Retro Plants said...

your kids are TOO cute!
Milly SO does not look like a boy.
so there! (^0^)

p.s. i LOVE that Henry didn't hide the cookie!!! that is hilarious!

Christy said...

Laney friggin' Oswald! Sans Oswald, apparently... But regardless, I have stalked you and now you are found. Don't ask how. It's naturally very mysterious, full of unanswerable questions. How the heck are you? Love your family - you have cute kids and your daughter does not, in fact, look like a boy by the way.

You should email me and I'll point the way to my blog (christy(dot)amj(at)gmail). But I really just wanted to say hi and tell you your still one of my most favoritest people of all time. Oh, by the way, this is Christy, yer ole' roomie von Strattford Ct. I suppose that's important to mention.

eyre blog said...

oh Laney! I wish we could have seen you while we were in town. You are one incredible woman with some incredibly cute kids and hilarious costume ideas!