It's cold here and there is snow on the ground which is probably here to stay through February which means winter has finally arrived, and I kind of like it. The one bad part of it all is that Jack Frost decided to bring car troubles with him. And he decided to get both of our cars at once. My honda needs a new battery which we sadly discovered once I already had the kiddos buckled in, diaper bag packed, and ready to go play. Henry was devastated when I told him that the car was broken and that we couldn't go play, however I may have been more devastated at the fact that I wouldn't be leaving the house for the day. He just kept telling me that it needed new batteries. He was surprisingly right. Anytime something doesn't work he thinks new batteries will fix it. And our other car needs a new motor for the windshield wipers. Turns out that windshield wipers are a necessity for a Buffalo winter and we now get to buy a new motor...or never drive in a snow storm.

anyway....on to our crazy busy life. Thanksgiving was a blast. We went to Ohio again this year, and visited the Starkeys. The food was delightful but the company was even better. I love cousins.
I love this little girl. Don't you just want to squeeze her? I do it every day. And unfortunately for her Henry does too.

This kid is hysterical. I love that he talks. And I love the things he says. Like the other day when he told me that the flames on our gas stove are not dangerous, they are beautiful because they make blue fire. I explained to him that things can be beautiful but it doesn't mean they aren't dangerous and that we should NEVER touch fire no matter how beautiful it may seem. I also find myself arguing with him regularly. Who argues with a two year old? He drives me crazy sometimes. This is us waiting in line in the freezing cold to win $20 American Express giftcards the day after thanksgiving. It was a success and totally worth the freezing cold for $40. We took turns waiting across the street inside Barnes & Noble with all the kids so they wouldn't be hysterical. It was waaaay better than last year when Henry got sick and puked all over the floor and the perfume counter at Dillards.


Annie O said...

LOVE THE PIX. Thank you. Can't wait to hug Milly myself (and you and henry and taylor too).

Looks like you're all doing well except for the cars. Too bad you can't wait for your dad to get there to fix both cars (and pay for the parts :)).

Janna got her call! She'll open it Saturday at 1p. Will you be around so I can get you on the phone?

XX00 Nannie Annie

P.S. I sent a box via UPS that should arrive next week. DO NOT OPEN IT.

Kristen said...

Lesson I've learned from reading you blog that just because things are beautiful they can still be dangerous! (ie jellyfish, fire, poisonous butterflies) I can't believe Hank can talk that much! How fun! And Milly is such a cute baby! Its weird to think that we've never even seen each others kids yet!

Nate and Jessica said...

I want to hear you argue with him, that would make my day. Jansen makes my head turn to mush sometimes with the things he tries to explain to me. I would also like to purchase Milly.

Lizzie said...

You guys look so cute in that first picture! Glad you are doing well!

HowellAZ said...

Looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving! And Buffalo sounds freezing right now compared to our high 70's and 80's. I'm scared about our move to Utah in a couple of weeks, should be an interesting adjustment! :)