I kind of hate sledding. I haven't been in years, but it was the activity for playgroup this week and we decided to give it a try. It was Henry's first time, we only had one crash with minor amounts of blood. He cried for a bit and asked to go again. This is Henry's happy face in the picture below, I ask him to make it whenever he gets cranky. I love it. Overall we had a pretty good time, except for the fact that I kind of forgot to feed Henry breakfast and he was a little cranky. Thank heavens I found a green M&M in the bottom of my purse and that his little friend Taylor had animal cookies.
This is right before the crash. We all landed on top of Henry.
Nothing cuter than a tubby little kid in snowpants and a shopka (fur hat).


Last week came and went in a blur...I never got to post about our Anniversary. We had a wonderful evening without our Pikachu. As much as we love him, we also love leaving him at home with a babysitter and enjoying a quiet night out together. We went to a wonderful fancy little restaurant called Left Bank in downtown Buffalo. The food was a little fancy for my taste (strange cheeses on my salad, etc) but Taylor was in heaven, he loved his dinner and he loved my leftovers the next day. The atmosphere was wonderful too, and quiet. I really don't like loud restaurants. Anyway- I wish we could have spent more of the day together, Taylor didn't even get home from school til seven, but Henry and I went to the children's museum in Rochester with friends. It was fantastic. Happy Anniversary to Taylor! He truly is my very favorite person in the world. Last night I had a dream that he turned into a bad husband and we fought all the time, it was awful. I woke up around 4AM rolled over and saw him sleeping next to me and realized that it wasn't real and he was still the most wonderful husband in the world. I love you Taylor. Life sure is better with a wonderful companion. And to top it all off, he has wonderful taste...just look at these shoes he got me:

I have been complaining lately that I needed some cute & comfortable shoes to wear to work and he picked these out all by himself. I love them.
Here are some pics from our trip to the Museum- we will definitely be going back.

And lastly, we don't know if we are having a girl or boy, and we won't know until we see its parts the day it comes. I love surprises, but what I love even more, is the anticipation of a surprise. And I won't be posting pregnant belly pictures because I think thats gross- even without skin showing. Sorry. If you really want to see me pregnant, come see me in Buffalo, and if you are lucky, sometime around week 26 or so, I may consider being in pictures where I am not the focal point, but there is nothing enjoyable to me about growing larger by the week, nor do I have any desire to draw attention to my ever rapidly expanding belly.



Teaching Seminary

As many of you know, I teach seminary (a class about the scriptures) for the teenagers at church. They come to my house at 6AM and we sit around the dining room table and drink hot chocolate (sometimes muffins if they are lucky) and we discuss the gospel of Jesus Christ. A few classes ago one of my students said to me, "Laney, your calling sucks. I think it might even be worse than being the bishop." I giggled and asked her why she thought that and she explained how awful it must be to have to prepare a lesson everyday, wake up super early, wait to see if anyone shows up to teach it to, and then deal with cranky teenagers if they do come. I laughed a little more and I told her that yes, sometimes it really does feel that bad, and yes, sometimes they are really cranky, but mostly it feels good. The only time I really really hate it is right when my alarm goes off at 5:53 and I feel like dying. Yes, I do set it for 5:53. Just enough time to brush my teeth, throw on a dress/skirt (and yes, they insist that I wear a dress/skirt. Even though every so often I rebel and wear sweats), brush my teeth, and unlock the front door.
Anyway, I explained to my student that if it weren't for how much I love these kids and the Book of Mormon, I wouldn't do it. But I do love them, so I do it. And it's hard. But it's worth it. They never really say thank you (teenagers aren't really good at that sort of thing) but a few weeks ago one of them texted me and asked if she could take pictures of me and do a project for one of her classes- she said she had to choose someone she admired. That was all the thanks I needed. I really love my class, and the Book of Mormon.


We have some very exciting news in the Hawes household: Henry watches TV! And Movies!!!! And he even watches them for extended periods of time...like 30 minutes. It is glorious. I have been getting all sorts of stuff done this week. He has also grown up in the past month, and he had his 18 month check up. I don't really remember any of his stats other than that his head is big but his weight and height are 50th percentile. He now repeats almost anything we tell him to. He loves all cars, trains, trucks, & especially tractors. He also loves Elmo, Nemo, & Lightning McQueen. It's like he turned into a real boy overnight.

He has also learned how to close his eyes when he prays...it's adorable.
He also still makes incredible messes when I am not watching him closely.