a new baby

Henry and I went for a walk earlier this week and we happened upon this large bear. It was at a yard sale, and the woman running the sale thought Henry should have it. She gave it to him for free. I really had no desire to bring a life size bear home, but how in the world could I tell that to this lady...or to Henry for that matter? Needless to say we brought the bear home.
We also went strawberry picking last week. It was really really hot. And we forgot to bring drinks for the kiddos. After being there for 45 minutes Henry just kept begging and crying for a drink and to be held. As you can see by the looks on their faces here, they were really not happy to be there anymore. It was kind of sad and kind of funny. The picture of Henry and his little friend Taylor in the wagon, cracks me up. They were not happy to be having their picture taken.

We still don't have a name chosen for the baby in utero. It could come at any moment. Really. As I sit here typing, I am having to take breaks for some very painful contractions. I don't know if it's going to come today. I kind of hope not....

Here I am. I started that post earlier this afternoon, and now it's 9 in the evening. I am sitting here in the hospital with a new baby- actually she is not with me, she is in the nursery. We haven't seen her since 5:30 (it's 9) they have to do some blood work and tests and such because she was born with a knot in her cord. They say it probably happened quite a while ago when she was small enough to swim circles in my belly. I think their concern is that she may have missed out on some nutrients or something. Anyway- she is completely healthy and had an apgar score of 9. Here are some pictures: (she doesn't have a name yet. It's narrowed down to Milly or Scout) We'll see what we feel when we get to spend some time with her. We will post again soon with more details and stories! I want to go to sleep.

Here is the knot in the cord. The doctors and nurses thought it was pretty cool. I guess it isn't all that common.


We have no idea what to name our child...

This child is coming very soon, and it may have no name.

We are having a baby in 3 1/2 weeks and we have no idea what to name it. We have some names discussed but neither Taylor nor myself feel really strongly about any of them, and we have hesitations about all of them. I really don't know what we are going to do. We already took a long stroll and many drives through my favorite cemetery looking for names, we've searched books and lists, we gone through our family history. I just don't think I can do it. Every time I think I like a name, I find a reason not to like it. This baby may go nameless.

This week I took a very serendipitous trip to the library. I was actually on my way to get my blood drawn and the place was closed so I took a little stroll into the library next door where to my delight, they were having a book sale. This book sale wasn't just any book sale, it was a "Fit as many books as you can into a plastic bag for $1" book sale. I scoured through my bag and found a little over $2, and I went to town. The only adult books they had were those strange romance novels with creepy covers, but there were plenty of children's books to choose from. I could have stayed all day. I came home with all of these (I was very happy):


a bad birthday cake

Yesterday was the big 2 for our little guy. We didn't do too much to celebrate, but he did get a cake and a few presents. I am including a picture of Henry's firetruck cake in this post because my sister asked me to. I think it was worse than the lamb cake Taylor made at Easter. I am pretty sure our family was not made to create three-dimensional cakes. Really, when it comes down to it, I don't think "creating" things is one of my talents. Whether it be crafts, cakes, or anything made from scratch- I am pretty darn awful at it. I was told by a friend that the cake was the most "unappetizing looking cake" she had ever seen. I kind of had to agree. But she ate her words later when she tasted it. That was its one redeeming quality- it was delicious. Anyway, I have posted a picture of the cake at the bottom of the post. I decided not to post it as the first picture for fear of deterring my blog readers from reading further. Anyway, other than the cake disaster, Henry had a great birthday. He got some beach toys, a soccer ball, and he ate some yummy cake. Here he is with Taylor getting ready to open his presents.

And here he is with his friends. He talks about them nonstop.
Taylor also found him this little train set at a yard sale on Saturday. It's not even one complete set, its pieces of a few different sets put together, but Henry has no idea. He loves it. And it occupies his time, therefore we LOVE it.

And lastly, the cake. In my defense, we had to walk it to the park from our house and it had been in the freezer so it had started to sweat (yes, a cake can sweat, it was perspiring), and then it started to melt. It looked a bit nicer before we got there. The candy pieces were still in place.


It's been altogether too long since I last blogged, but this is what has been going on in our lives the last few weeks:

This little contraption saved our marriage and Taylor's birthday. It was altogether way too hot last week. And I was ready to move into a hotel until we got an air conditioning unit for our bedroom. On Taylor's birthday I nearly woke up in tears. I was so hot I couldn't even be nice. I kind of feel bad for being so lethargic on Taylor's birthday and cranky, but all in all it was a wonderful day spent at the beach and out to dinner without Henry. During dinner we got a phone call from someone from church who was selling their air conditioner, and we drove straight to an ATM and then to their house to buy it. I can't even describe the joy it brings me. Our house was 87 degrees!!!! With this wonderful device, I need a blanket to stay warm at night.

We have also spent a lot of time at the beach these past few weeks, any beach we can find. I actually think Henry thinks the word beach means anywhere you go in your swimming suit. Today we went to a friend's house to play in the sprinkler, and he called it the beach. He is a water baby! And luckily I don't think he inherited my sensitive skin, because he hasn't been sunburned once yet- however I must admit I am pretty religious about applying sunscreen. I have convinced Henry that the sun monsters will get him if he doesn't let me put it all over him.

I am posting this picture reluctantly, because I feel like I look like a large house, but Taylor assures me I don't. I don't really know why I trust him, seeing as how if he admitted that I looked large, I'd probably never speak to him again. But alas, I am posting a pregnant picture- with great hesitation. I just hate only posting pictures of Henry on the blog. After all, the blog is about Taylor and me as well.

Henry now plays pretend very often, and its adorable, but also very annoying. Lately he has insisted that his "friends" eat with him. He won't eat until his animals eat too. And they MUST wear bibs.

If you look closely in this picture you can see the little guys most recent battle wounds. He took a dive off some stairs on memorial day and landed smack dab on his face. He was bleeding out of his mouth and nose, and head! I hate when he gets hurt. ugh. It was sad.

We got the world's greatest deal at a yard sale last week as well....we got this wonderful car for $5! I was beyond excited, and so was Henry when he realized we were taking it home. It was going to be for his birthday...but once he had seen it, we could hardly take it away.

And lastly, we had visitors- and my sister took this adorable picture of Henry. I really wish I had a nice camera like she does. I can't even figure out how to make my pictures not blurry. We didn't take any pics while they were all here, but my highlight of the weekend was getting a babysitter for all the kids and going out to dinner with just adults! And it was great to see my mom. Plus, she bought me a new wonderful sweater.