Happy Halloween!!!

We had our annual Church Halloween Party. It was amazing as usual. The costumes are always incredible. And Milly's costume was a hit! Taylor and I made it from scratch! Pretty amazing if you ask me. I also took them to the mall to trick or treat today and strangers kept asking me if they could take pictures of her. I of course obliged. We got a ton of candy, and Taylor is currently eating it all while Henry sleeps.

We were a best friends locket.
And here is the obligatory picture of Milly for my mom.


We have the happiest baby around. Wow. I love her.
We've been trying to take more pictures around here so I can have something to blog about, but this is about all we have come up with. Our lives are pretty busy lately and therefore somewhat boring. School and work are hardly worth mention on my blog and that's what we do all day. The one other thing that takes up our time is Henry and the terrible twos. Wow. It's BAD. Today at church he screamed and hollered through much of the meetings. He even refused to go to nursery the last hour. He has never refused nursery. Anyway, as soon as church ended he freaked out. He started screaming and sobbing so I picked him up and walked him out to the parking lot. I realized that my keys were in the diaper bad so I grabbed him and plopped him on the trunk so I could dig them out, and a lovely older couple in our ward parked next to us, mistakenly thought I was going to put him in the trunk. It was pretty funny actually, and it wouldn't have been too bad of an idea if there hadn't been lots of people watching I may have actually done it. Anyway, needless to say, we've had a rough few weeks.
I told Henry & Taylor to make scary faces, this is what I got. They were trying to replicate the pumpkin face.
I love this picture because I feel like it captured Milly's concern over the size of the bow I put on her head.


It's been all together too long since we've blogged. I'm working 30+ hours a week and Taylor is busy with school. We also have two children, one of which is no longer the sweet semi-obedient two-year old that he used to be. These past few weeks have been crazy. Henry doesn't go to bed at night anymore without putting up a fight, and he no longer likes naptime. He is also unfortunately displaying these behaviors in public, and he is no longer threatened by timeout. He thinks timeout is funny. Anyone have any ideas??? Taylor had to lay down the law two nights ago and we had a hysterical screaming sobbing child in his room at bedtime for more than an hour. He is lucky we love him. Other than that, life is great. We love Milly. She is perfect for the time being and makes up for her brother's shortcomings. However, I am sure that she too will become a two year old at some point. It's pretty unavoidable. Until then, we are enjoying her perfectness. Here are a few pictures. She looks a lot like Henry did at this age...only smaller.

She sleeps really well. She is ticklish. She smiles a lot. She rarely fusses. She sleeps well. She hates her car seat. She doesn't take a binky! ugh. That is her one shortcoming. I sometimes wonder if I did something wrong while my children were in utero that brought upon this curse. She took it for a month or so, and now she sometimes gags when I put it in her mouth.
In the past few weeks we went apple picking, Henry still talks about it daily. Just this morning he woke up and told me he was leaving to go apple picking.
And this past weekend I was in a wedding. Congrats Ashley & Adam. It was loads of fun. Henry was a mini groomsman. I was a bridesmaid and we had a blast. And I got a new pair of really cute shoes. Here is Henry dancing the night away.
And here he is with the bride

And here we are at dinner. I forgot to take pictures of Milly. She was asleep in her carseat under the table most of the night. But she was cute as can be.