I love free stuff.

My mother has been harassing me on facebook to post pictures of Milly on here. So here I am. But she is going to get some of Henry as well. This is Henry on our new couch. I have wanted a second couch or love seat since we moved here. I have been pestering Taylor about it for 2 years and this past week a friend of mine from work was moving out of her apartment last minute and had to get rid of her couch. She said I could have it if we could come get it, so we borrowed a truck from friends, and voila! A new and free couch. I am very excited. Taylor keeps telling me how glad he is that he never caved in and bought me one. I hate when he is right.
We went to Target to rummage through the clearance Halloween stuff and we found this treasure for $3. I was excited. As is evident in the picture below, Milly was not.
We went to the zoo last week with Henry's frenemies. I call them frenemies because they always seem to want to get together, but as soon as we do, they fight like crazy. It's really annoying. But seeing as how I immensely enjoy their mothers, we will continue to get together no matter how much they fight. This is at the zoo, it's the ghost of the dead elephant Buki. Kind of weird if you ask me.
Henry was trying to hide that he stole a cookie for breakfast out of the pantry. He forgot to hide the most important part.
And lastly, here is little Milly goat. I really think she looks like a boy. So do other people. Someone at the store the other day told Taylor that she really looks just like a boy. Who says that?


Candy! Candy! Candy!

We had a wonderful evening trick or treating with our kiddos. Henry was absolutely and utterly astonished at all the free candy at every doorstep. And for the first time in my life I realized what a bad idea trick or treating is. What 2 year old needs a giant bag of candy?! He woke up the next morning and ran into our room saying, "Candy! Candy! Where's my candy?!"
Here he is taking stock of his new treasures. We only went to ten or so houses. But no one could resist the hamburger with the french fry sister. She eats food now.
If you look really close, you'll see two little teeth on the bottom. They've pushed through.
I couldn't get her to take her hands out of her mouth to smile. They are in there constantly. She's adorable. I am obsessed.