Merry belated Christmas. We had a whirlwind of a Christmas. It was absolutely fantastic except for my gall bladder giving out on me. I am sitting in the hospital with acute pancreatitis caused by a gall stone being lodged in my pancreas as I type this. They wont let me eat a thing, not even ice. I think my stomach is trying to eat itself. It's angry from all the vomiting and extra bile. Anyway, so I am a little cranky, super tired, and somewhat uncomfortable. Luckily they think the stone passed by itself sometime early this morning. I get an MRI tomorrow to find out. I also got a CT Scan yesterday which was kind of exciting. However I must admit, I just want to go home. Unfortunately I will have to come back sometime soon to get rid of my gall bladder. Uggh. Anyway on to what my family really wants on this blog, pictures!
These three boys LOVED christmas. Henry is still talking all about it and he keeps trying to convince us that it is still Christmas.
My little sister Daysa and little Milly Goat hit it off. Poor little Milly was sick with croup but she still managed to enjoy herself.
And Henry loved his presents.
We also took a little trip to see the Falls. It was SOOO cold. As can be seen by the frozen over binocular thingy.
Henry loves his grandpa. Just the other day we were in a parking lot and Henry was convinced that it was my dad walking across the street and he just started yelling, "Mom it's grandpa! it's grandpa! Let's go get him!" He was devastated when I told him it wasn't grandpa.
And lastly, you may have noticed the new family picture at the top of our blog. A wonderfully talented friend of mine made them for me. I LOVE them! You can read about her endeavor to make the Hawes family dolls here. It is an enjoyable read. She is one of the most talented people I know when it comes to creating things.


Ben and Krystal said...

Acute pancreatitis? Gall stones? Croup? You guys (sounds like you, mostly) are falling apart! :) We miss you and wish we were there to play with Henry and Milly while you are in the hospital. Belated merry Christmas, happy new year, and get better soon!

Boss said...

I'm sorry about your pancreas. And your gall bladder. But mostly I'm sorry you have to sit around starving and uncomfortable. Plus bored, probably. I hope it's all better soon.

Also, I might have to steal that picture of your dolly family. Much cuter than the last-minute shots I took in the nursing mothers' room! I'm so glad you like them.

Speaking of cute, how cute is it that Henry wanted to go pick up the stranger that looked like your dad? So cute, that's what.

Take it easy, and rest while you can!

yaya said...

I'm so sorry that you're in the hospital and feeling bad. I'm really sorry you have to have your GB out. I wish you lived here and I could be in the OR and tell you everything and even take a pic of that thing for you! But it looks like you had a great Christmas anyway and hopefully you'll be home soon.

Annie O said...

Where's your mother in these pix? Oh that's right, she's in the kitchen doing dishes!