Goodbye Snow....Here we come sandy beaches!

While we were out and about today Henry shouted out to me, Mom, a giant snowman! And sure enough, this is what I saw. It was huge. Henry has been hysterical lately. He says the darndest things. Just this week he put me in time out and and started his scolding like this: "Mom...here is the problem, we don't squish people! Sit in this chair for two minutes and I will go set the timer."

Little Milly goat has also been exceptionally cute lately. Everytime I put her in bed for a nap she screams and hollers. On occasion when the screaming gets especially loud, I'll go check on her. Every time I open the door this is what I find:
No tears. No more crying. She just wants to play. And that face is so darn cute. But don't worry, nine times out of ten, I just walk out and shut the door. The other one time, she wins, and I play with her for awhile.

Remember that episode from Seinfeld where Kramer lets the Japanese tourists sleep at his apartment and he has them sleep in his chest of drawers... I went to check on Henry this week and take him to the bathroom before I went to bed and when I went into his room, this is what I found. He was sound asleep.
And lastly, for some very exciting news, Taylor and I are headed here for spring break!!!! And we are leaving our kids with my sister (Thanks Leisy & Kent- we'll do it for you someday). I am so excited I can barely stand it.

If you couldn't tell, this is Miami, and those are Palm Trees along the beach. And we aren't going just for spring break, I am actually attending a conference there- but we are going to stay a few extra days and make a vacation out of it. Anyway, turns out my committee chair for my masters thesis, submitted my paper to the Institute for Public Relations Research for their annual conference, and it was accepted- and out of all the papers submitted, it won the Top Three Paper Award! Anyway, so I get to go down and present the paper and accept the award. I am a little nervous for that part. The conference is going to have all the top Public Relations Academians from around the country, but I am excited too. What's the worst that can happen? Taylor joked that I should look into some PhD programs while we are there- I laughed and then told him I'd rather die than write a dissertation. I really hated writing that thesis. It was so hard.


Happy 4 Years!

Happy 4 years to the best husband in the world. Really. He can't be beat. I would list all the wonderful things I love about him but the list would be endless so in honor of it being our 4 year anniversary, I am going to list four of my favorite things about Taylor.

#1 He is incredibly loving. He loves everything about me, and he makes me feel loved and appreciated. He thinks I am funny, he thinks I am beautiful, and he thinks I am wonderful.

#2 He is a hard worker in all that he does. He works hard at school, at work, at our relationship, and he works hard at home. I am so grateful for a husband that helps with the kids in the middle of the night, during the day, and when they are driving me crazy. You'll never hear Taylor telling me to go take care of the screaming kids...he does it.

#3 Taylor is patient and understanding. Especially with me.

#4 He is really good company. There isn't a person in this world I'd rather spend my time with. He listens to my stories, he tells me stories, and he is my very best friend.

I have posted some of my favorite pictures from our married life. After I downloaded them all I realized they were all pre-children and they were all from our first year together. As much as I love our little rugrats, I think I just kind of miss that honeymoon stage. It's a good thing we lived it up that first year.

Here were are at the Eiffel Tower. Paris really is the most incredible city. We loved it.
I am posting this picture because I LOVED our wedding cake.
This was out last hurrah before Henry came. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant here. Taylor read up on delivering a baby in a car before we left for our trip. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive from home. Capitol Reef is a beautiful place. I really miss the scenery in Utah.

We spent a week in Chicago for a work trip...and we had so much fun.
The Happiest Place on Earth. Need I say more?

Notre Dame.
Disneyland and the teacups. They made me really sick.
I love you Taylor. This has been the greatest four years of my life.



Happy Belated Valentine's Day! I tried to get these two kids to smile and hold the sign straight for the picture...what was I thinking? This was my best shot.
These were some of the others.

We had a fabulous Valentine's Day. We are all feeling a whole lot better, Milly is sleeping through the night again, and we ate one of these from Wegmans on Monday night. They have one heck of a bakery. They also provided our Valentine's Day dinner. I didn't want to have to do any dishes and Taylor didn't get home until 8pm.
Last night around 10pm I was lying in bed getting ready to fall asleep and I heard sounds from the other room through the wall. I went into the guest room and found this guy in the back of the closet playing cars. He is darn lucky that we love him so much.
And have I mentioned that I am smitten by this little girl? Even if she does look so much like Henry that I can't tell them apart when she is just in a diaper.


Sick. Sick. Sick.

We have been sick around here...REALLY sick. Thankfully the most awful part is behind us, but let me tell you, it was AWFUL. At one point last week Taylor and I determined that it was the worst week of our lives together. We were miserable and tired. Taylor had a 35 page paper to write and I worked all week. I couldn't really take any time off because I had already missed so much in January when I was in the hospital. We were miserable and little Milly and Henry were miserable too. We all had fevers, body aches, horrible coughs, congestion, etc. Milly woke up all night long all week and Henry luckily just slept a lot, coughed a lot, and watched waaay too many movies. We were all cranky and tired as can be. The doctor told us that Milly had what the rest of us had but that in a child her age, it turns into RSV. He said to get her a humidifier and give her lots of fluids, but that she would just have to cough it out with the rest of us. He didn't seem the least bit concerned, but her cough is horrible. It sounds so sad, and it sounds like she is dying too. She seems to have coughing fits at the most inopportune times as well, like at church when it's really quiet or at the library. People just stare at me and I know they are thinking...how dare you bring that child out of the house!...or you need to take that child to a doctor! Well I have taken her to a doctor and he says she'll probably be coughing until March, and the rest of us don't seem to be letting up any time soon either. Anyway, aside from all that, we are fantastic! We aren't miserable anymore and I hope to not sound like an 80 year old smoker for much longer. Our kids are happier too, and those flue shots they got didn't do one bit of good. I never really believed in them anyway. Here is the little Milly Goat in the cutest outfit ever.
I feel like we are treating Milly like some social experiment. It will be interesting to see if she is drawn to girly things like princesses and fairies when all she ever gets to play with is police cars, dump trucks, and trains. We aren't going to be buying any new toys anytime soon seeing as how we have a house full of little boy things.
We went to a Valentine party this week too. Henry helped me make his box. Now whenever he sees a heart he yells..."Hey mom! It's a Valentine!" He sure is cute, but he has been driving me crazy lately. He has started that why? stage. He literally asks the question 100 times a day. And the answer is never enough. Any answer I give him is followed by another why. When does it end?