Life around here has been pretty busy and very exciting. Mostly the excitement comes from the fact that we are going to a place that is 83 degrees and sunny in a few days and we are leaving our children behind. I am soooo excited. As much as we love these kids, we need some time together without them. I will admit, I'll probably miss them a bit. They have been so darn cute lately.
This is a picture of little Milly Goat and then Henry at the same age....They look A LOT alike. At least Milly has a little more hair than he did at this point.

They even both do the baby push up which is a precursor to crawling. If Milly follows Henry's lead she will be crawling in the next week or two.

Here is Henry yesterday out playing in the rain and the puddles. Don't be fooled into thinking that you are seeing a spring shower here. The rain wasn't even enough to melt all the snow piles around town and we woke up with a fresh 4 inch blanket of snow this morning. It's still winter.
Henry says the darndest things. Just last week we were looking at some pictures of his cousins and he got to a picture of his cousin Megan and said, "Mom! She is very beautiful, just like you." It was the cutest thing he's ever said. I need to start writing everything down so I don't forget. He is really into the word "very" right now. This week he said, "daddy hurt me very bad when he buckles my car seat."


Annie O said...

Those children are the most adorable children ever. Milly will undoubtedly start to crawl as soon as you leave her with Leisy.

Have fun on your trip. Take lots of pix.

xxoo to the kidlets from Nannie Annie

Will and Heidi said...

Your kids are super cute! and I agree they look a lot alike. I'm glad you are writing these things down so you can remember and laugh later on in life.

Matthew said...

megan will be so flattered...but i will say, she doesn't need one more thing to go to that "beautiful" little head of hers.

Rachel P said...

cutest family ever! seriously!