Here I am. I finally have the time to sit down and blog about our gloriously wonderful trip to Miami. It was heaven. Absolutely amazing. The weather was perfect, the ocean was warm, the conference went well, and I had days and days of uninterrupted time with Taylor. Here we are after a morning jog along the beach. After the first little bit, I took my shoes off and ran along the edge of the water.

The ocean at night is beautiful, intriguing, and a little bit scary.
The night before we left, I got a subconjunctival hemorrhage (a broken blood vessel in my eye). It happened at work somehow. I had a terrible headache for much of the day and then my eye just started itching and I looked in the mirror and it was full of blood. I panicked for a small moment thinking I had some sort of brain hemorrhage, so I called my brother-in-law Kent (the almost doctor) and he told me I would be fine. And I was. It just lasted for days, and the last of it is still visible. All throughout my conference people asked me what happened. And I still have no idea what caused it.
The conference was a lot of fun. Presenting my paper was a lot more enjoyable then I thought it would be and it was really enjoyable to see some friends and my professors from BYU. The communications dep. from BYU even published press release about it here. And if you (mom!) feel so inclined you can read my paper here. I must however warn anyone who reads it, it may be a little boring.

And now onto more exciting things in Miami: Alligators. We went on a tour of the Everglades and I snapped this picture of an alligator- I got within Five feet of it, but Taylor wouldn't let me touch it, I really wanted to though. We got to ride on a fan boat and we saw cranes and turtles and all sorts of wild creatures. It was pretty cool.
We stayed out late, wandered the streets, shopped, played at the beach, and loved every second of our time there.

We even saw lots of Jelly Fish washed up on shore. They were amazing. At first I had no idea what we were seeing. This one is still alive, it's all puffed up with air. But once they washed up on shore and the sun came out they died. We only saw them first thing in the morning.

We ate incredible food. The Cuban food was my favorite, Taylor liked his Mahi-Mahi, and we also had some amazing Indian Fare.
The beach was better than I had imagined it would be. The water was beautiful and the waves were great. We now understand why everyone in Buffalo goes to Florida in the winter. It gave us the energy we need to make it through until the sun comes out again in Buffalo.
We returned home to cold Detroit and we will be eternally grateful for Leisy and Kent who watched our kids for SIX days! The great part about leaving them with family was that we didn't worry about them one bit and I didn't fell all that bad when I found out that Milly was sick with a fever and woke up three times a night, or that Henry abandoned his potty training and pooped his pants more than once. Thanks Leisy and Kent. We really will do it for you some day. Here are some pictures Leisy took of them while we were gone. Milly Goat is really cute.
And here are all the kids. I think Milly felt a little outnumbered.


Dave and Michelle Howell said...

Isn't it nice to just be a "couple" once in a while?! Looks like you two had a 2nd honeymoon.

Grandma Anne said...

The two of you derserved every minute of fun and freedom after the winter you have had. Both of you look great...so do all the kids. Thank heaven Taylor kept you from touching the alligator..We won't want to lose you.

Kent and Leisy said...

stinking cool jellyfish. How big were they?

abbyjane said...

did you go to billy swamp safari? that's where we went in when we were there, and the boat tour was the best.

Rachel said...

Looks amazing!!!! Can't wait to see you.

Annie O said...

Please post pictures of your new shoes!

Amy and Craig said...

Good for you guys!! We haven't gone anywhere w/o the kids for while(it gets harder when you're far from fam and somehow that 3rd kid makes it harder too). It really looks amazing! i think all of MI is in FL right now. So jealous. All I did today was mulch the whole yard and clean the house. boo.