Seneca Lake

We went away for the weekend...well really only a day and a half, but it was fantastic. We stayed a house that our Church owns and rents out at Seneca Lake (one of the finger lakes) and it was wonderful. The house is huge, has lots of rooms, and the kids went to bed and we stayed up waaay to late playing games. Staying up til 2 AM just isn't quite as fun when 6:30AM rolls around and your baby is up for the day. But I must say it was totally worth it. We spent our time with these folks...they are the best company around.

We took a little trip to the Corning Glass museum which was pretty cool. We learned all about Fiber Optics, glass blowing, and windshields. They also have a glass modern art section which was my favorite. I love a good art museum. Henry found a new favorite person. This is his friend Dave. We have been hearing all about Dave since we got back.
And little Milly Goat has a new friend as well...her aunt Rachel. That's what we call her anyway. I think Henry might actually think that Rachel and her husband Ryan are actually his Aunt and Uncle.
My favorite piece of modern art. They were gargantuous. I wish I could have placed Milly in there with them to show you scale but it wasn't allowed...that pear was bigger than her.
This is the best family picture we got. Pretty sad.
The beautiful view from the front door of the house.
And lastly, another picture of Milly. I love her in this dress. I bought it back when Henry was 2 months old. When I saw it at the Gap, I knew I had to have it, so I bought it hoping that someday a little girl would come along to wear it.


Sliver in the head.

Here we are. It's been awhile. I haven't really been in a blogging mood. And we haven't been taking a lot of pictures, but since my mom is threatening us to post pictures of Milly, I am finally buckling down and posting some. I love these little kiddos more than ever. Henry is becoming funnier and funnier every day. He is getting really clever too. And Milly is getting bigger and bigger every day. The girl is a chunk. And I love it. This picture of Henry is from a little fall he had awhile back. He got a big sliver in his forehead and taking it out was one of the most traumatic events of his short little life. I had to sit on him and hold his arms down while he begged me not to hurt him. It was horrible. He has since forgotten all about it and has forgiven me.
This little girl is growing up too fast. I never thought I'd say that, but I kind of wish she'd stay a baby a little longer. I thought I hated babies...but not this one. I am smitten by her.
Her great aunt rosemary made her this little hat. She loves the hat, but she wasn't too keen on the photo session.
And lastly, here she is tied up in a whole lot of balloons. She loved them.
I think I am ready to get back to blogging. I was in a sort of a slump for while, but we had a fantastic weekend away with friends and took some great pics, so I'll post more about that tomorrow. Check back soon.